A Great Place to Start to Go Mobile!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

In this day and age it's not a new thing to hear when you get most of your web traffic from mobile browsers. Smart phones for example even have one or two for that function and if you think about it, the sites seem too big for most of us web masters who don't have mobile versions still. Since September of 2006 all DOTMOBI domains are available already. For those who want their site to have that extension, you can create mobile sites specific to your design.

It would give you and your readers a straight to the point, no nonsense impression of what your site is for. We saw this particular domain extension in GODADDY and found it's even cheaper too! Not just that but we can use a Godaddy mobi coupon to cut off a lot in its price. You get to also manage several of your web sites in one account and get a lot of info if in case you plan to transfer data from one host to the other. The turnout surrounding this extension is increasing every year and the need for it similarly does the same. It's more aggressive now in the youth demographics because they probably comprise most readers of your readers online. Everyone's got their own mobile phone these days so we're not really surprised. Godaddy promo codes can definitely come handy and I'm sure a lot of people need it to save a lot in renewals too!

The next one should save us too. If I were you I'd save up and get a Godaddy mobi renewal promo code the next time you have to renew. Most of us web site owners do this. Why? It's because we can!

Save at .Com .Net .Org .Tv .Mobi .info and .Tv renewals

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Now that's a great place to start to go mobile! Isn't it?


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