Monster Headphones: For Serious Audio Junkies!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Monster, a name attached to some of the most famous sets of audiowear here and elsewhere in the world. As the stalwart of audio cable design, Monster has brought sound engineering to a whole new level. Quality has been very good that almost everyone in the US and other countries have patronized only one brand when it comes to audio technology.

We were so lucky to have been invited to this momentous occasion. They've been launching their new line all over Asia and the last leg is happening in the Philippines, so it was a treat to see what they've got in store for all of us that evening. I even saw some pretty neat pieces they displayed at posh nightspot Opus Lounge, Resorts World Manila.

Had my eyes on this one, yellow ear phones. It's actually part of a line design inspired by the man himself Lance Armstrong. It had Livestrong on it. Who wouldn't be loving this anyway, its a pretty one right? But what make it special is that its designed for athletes and sports activities.

It's waterproof, handy and quite easy to carry around. The wires are phenomenal, designed to meet the demands of the activity and quality wise its the best audio accessory I've seen in quite a while! They had ones which they even used while swimming so imagine that! They call it iSport and I love it!

Something like Cuteness Overload on this particular piece which is part of their Harajuku inspired series. For ladies and cute girls who want to have that Japanese pop look everyone adores, this is perfect!

Probably one of the most well designed pieces I've seen in the place was this, they call it Diamond Tears. Aesthetically and technically superior than your run of the mill headphones, this just is something you can call precision in all aspects. A lot of stars are wearing this, I wouldn't be surprised!

Imagine a fusion between something hardcore fashionable and better in audio. This is actually a piece designed by Diesel and the headphones is just gorgeous! I want to have this so bad I'll probably have to sleep on it for now. It's love, personality, rage in one piece. It's pretty neat!

Pure Monster, its something extraordinary because it doesn't follow the norm. The headset itself boasts of not just the ordinary round ones but follows a triangle design. This is called DNA. People go gaga for it! It's something they want you to experience as they promise every beat, every detail. Who's not going to be excited about that!?

Designed for the executive who wants nothing more but serious sound technology this is what they call the Inspiration. This one has pretty good noise cancellation technology and lives for the high end loving audiophiles. Seriously this is amazing.

Managing Director for Asia Pacific Region Robert Fong was so proud to introduce to us these new line of headphones, headsets, earphones and earplugs. He's been out of the country most of the time to let everyone know about the success of this brand. Monster makes great headphones, not just cables. They want to make a revolution and that is the reason why they made launches across Asia and other cities. Through a video presentation they showed tour highlights across the globe and we were quite impressed about celebrities and personalities who joined too. Monster knows the market, the young trendy lifestyle, some who love Harajuku style "super kawaii" models, some who want n-ergy, n-tune, n-pulse models. , some who wants models for the business professional, some who want luxury, some who love different colors and different shapes, some who love sports, serious audiophiles and music enthusiasts, and some who prefer diamond tears, that also comes in black gold and pink. He also says the collaboration with diesel was but overdue, they have headphones that make set inspiration for businessmen and travelers, he listens and provides models also for gaming. Whoever doesn't know MONSTER now will be those who just live under a rock. We know that now first hand!

They were in the mood to show more who can wear them, so a Fashion Show ensued!

Congratulations everyone! Congratulations to Mr. Benjie Martinez and Mr. Fong and everyone at Monster! You have outdone yourselves this time! I can't wait to have one of my own soon!

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