Flawless: Launches Flaunt, New Website and Social Media Channels

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

When I hear Flawless, I usually shy away from it because believe it or not I don't go to facial centers and I find it too girly to do so. Men I think for most of the time are low maintenance. Even though it doesn't show that I need one, it's haunting me for the longest time that I even consider that good looking ones like me kinda need help too (hehe). Finding reputable ones like Flawless for my first consultation is nothing but the right choice. The doctor was IN!

She took time explaining the common skin problems and tried to analyze what our skin conditions were too. We were probably like smorgasbord,  but the good thing is they give us the necessary advise on how to actually choose the product that would be the perfect match for our skin. I had so many questions but Doctor Cu gamely answered them for me. I had normal T zone problems just like any guy, but I don't use sunblock. She said I should always make it a habit to do so because unprotected skin would just age fast and get damaged by UV rays. I know it was something I should do but I didn't pay attention to it that much because people have been noticing I look young for my age. But I think she's got a point that if I take care of it, I would have looked better than what I do now. Thanks for that Doc! =)

Their facilities were at par with world standards. You can also opt for the more private rooms if you don't want everybody to see you get overhauled. Price points are way cheaper than normal aesthetic centers but they never compromise quality. That's exactly what they wanted to be, affordable yet you get the best services and products on this side of the world.

If you've got a certain type of skin, they have the right product for you. Whether you are Oily, Acne prone, Dry, etc. they have it on stock in all their stores. Check this out!

They also have some international brands on their shelves!

Both ISKIN and Cosmelan are brands that have been used by stars here and abroad. They've got them all at FLAWLESS and they whispered to me some of the names :) ahh so that's why!

I thought I saw the frontman of the internationally acclaimed group Simply Red but he didn't sing this time. He's the gorgeous looking Business Manager Drew Mendoza who told us about their operations in the Philippines. He also mentioned why Flawless relaunched their website to something more interactive, sleeker and cleaner now.

The menu's easier to navigate, the sub menus are also organized to skin conditions and there's also the online store so you can probably order if you don't have a Flawless branch near you. They ship in more places worldwide so make sure you come visit if you want your skin be a tad better; or if you don't have it yet!

Marketing Manager Ms. Pat Mendoza says Flawless knows that the market needs avenues to approach an establishment like them. They know the importance of social media so they had all of them covered. Saying this is their NEW VOICE! They extended their reach and veer away from the usual old style advertising. Now it's more personal and they find more gain interacting with their customers real time.

To launch their new E-Magazine, they got Enzo Pineda that evening too! Gorgeous and looking dapper in his outfit he took time to say hi to everyone that evening. Girls, Ladies, secure your panties.

Enzo Pineda had several favorite treatments and products with Flawless, that's why he's stayed a very good endorser for the clinic. He's got nothing but good words with them and the people behind it.

And look who dropped by who also covered the event! Equally Flawless Icy Mendoza.

Their office was really posh and nice too. A great place to train aesthetics professionals (which lasts 90 days) the greatest facilities and products, you can't go wrong with Flawless and they've showed that in a grand way. Congratulations to Flawless, Flaunt and to everyone who made this event possible. I really enjoyed having my skin checked, not as normal as other people might say but it was definitely good for me!

For more information

Here are their contact details:

Forever Flawless Face and Body Center, Inc.
11F One Corporate Center
Dona Julia Vargas Avenue
Corner Meralco Avenue
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Tel. No. +6325846807


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Thanks for the heads up, I was able to hold on to my panties before seeing the good looking Enzo :) Nice ng packaging ng products! :)