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Saturday, October 27, 2012

I just got in the Eton Cyberpod Corinthian Building, Ortigas to witness the opening of Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon. I caught them whilst they were blessing the place. They were praying, holding candles and throwing coins in the air as usual. They were all smiles for this momentous occassion!

The place was posh, the whole salon was new and we got first dibs on the services they had that morning.

Looking at the sign alone might scare you but surprisingly it's not that expensive. The services they had were at par with world standards but the prices were very competitive. We were so happy they even hooked us up for their signature Veggie Miracle Treatment and guess who got in the chair to experience this for the first time!

It took a while before it did sink in that this was a fancy thing that they were going to do to my hair. Being unruly and always abused with hair products it felt like with this particular treatment I was getting a breather. It actually felt a little cold but the cream should actually get all throughout the hair and scalp to get maximum effectivity. 

They had to blow dry my hair afterwards and then POOF! This always happens so I wasn't really surprised. They got my hair ironed out because it tends to be unmanageable if I just let it air dry. Wish I had hair like this all the time. They got a small amount of wax and hairspray to hold. Then look at the good looking guy here!

I had a mohawk so I didn't ask them to cut anything since it was still short. I just had them style it a bit just the way I like it. They took care of me from shampoo to finish and it felt cooler, lighter on the head. It was quite a refreshing feeling I wanted to keep the hairstyle on for hours!

Even fashion blogger friend Rovie of said the treatment was perfect for her hair. She had generous locks and she felt like a million bucks after this treatment. Even if I had short hair, it was enough to actually feel and experience that. If ever you are around that area, you should definitely try it!

If that ain't enough and you have to do something else for your hair, they probably have it on their salon too so don't be afraid to ask. Thanks Creations! =)

When I was about to go, I managed to witness a cute scene. They are the franchisees of Creations and look who's giving them the keys to the salon, it's Lourd Ramos himself! Mind you he was checking on me every minute while I was on the chair, because they really love their job and they care.

The cute kid passed on the keys to the store and certificates, they are so lucky to have this business right at the heart of Ortigas. This is a small building opposite Robinson's Galleria where a lot of people usually wait for buses or transportation. It's quite new too!

To the proud owners of this branch, congratulations and may you have more satisfied customers like me in the future. It definitely looks bright for you!

As for me...

I'd like to say thank you CREATIONS! =)

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ZaiZai said...

You're so cute in the pic where your hair went poof - you reminded me of Chicken little :)