55 Events Place: A Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A stones throw away from my place is this awesome event location called 55 Events Place located at Scout Rallos in Quezon City. I've been attending several events there for the past few years and I've been impressed with the variety of looks the place actually transforms to which was quite dependent on the occasion. Who wouldn't love this place if its just a few meters away from Tomas Morato Avenue which is known as the restaurant and entertainment hub of Quezon City. It was their time to give thanks to everyone who supported them all these years. They know how important it is to give recognition to their patrons, caterers and the press so they did it in one blow!

The Ambiance

Providing heavenly mood music were these guys from Impressions Muic Ensemble. They would be perfect for Weddings, Birthdays or any occasion when you need classy tunes!

The Table Setting

There were 4 caterers that afternoon so I was giddy looking at their setup. They've got table arrangements done on different tables, so just imagine the variety you can do when you have your special occasion done on this place!

Overflowing drinks were courtesy of these guys here!

Cocktails and Mocktails were served by Wild Cocktails
This would probably be great for birthdays right? =)

Josiah's Catering had us splurge with Italian that evening. It was comfort food frenzy because they had pasta which I'm a fan of! Basil or Pesto in my plate please!

Goblet Catering had this awesome centerpiece and I absolutely love the Eggplant Moussaka they served. I had seconds and thirds!

Hizon's had it made with this red ensemble and most of the red table arrangements which was quite impressive in my books. Their steaks were warm and medium rare just the way I like it!

The newest addition to the lineup of caterers that they have in 55 Events Place was K by Cunanan. They used old wood to make it look a little shabby chic. I would have loved if they put some more fabric though. I love their Orange Salad and the Churros oh don't get me started!

The Food

 Herb Parmesan Crusted Dory with Mayo-Garlic Sauce

Chicken Stuffed With Cheese

Roasted Potatoes, Garlic and Onions

Steak and Mashed Potatoes

Dessert spread! =)

One of my faves! Eggplant Moussaka!

Cha Misua

The steak and mashed potatoes was so yummy! It was so soft! Mmm...

The pasta was good too!

The fish was soft and the crust outside was crunchy. I would have loved this with a little more pesto though!

Both Mock tails were on the sweet side. It was awesome!

Scooping up a serving of Eggplant Moussaka was just perfect. 
I loved every bite I took out of this awesome dish!

Mushroom and Broccoli Stir Fry

Chicken Ala King

Scrumptious Chicken Sate!


Creme Brulee =)

55 Events Place has a lot to offer. They've got 2 ballrooms, a spacious lobby and a garden area. For private parties, gatherings and functions this would definitely be a good place to start since it is near major landmarks and the center of everything! They have everything you need to start that party you've always wanted (Lights, Sounds, KTV, AVP, Photo booths) so make sure you give them a call and reserve for the dates you need to block off. Prices range from 15-70K Philippine Pesos. You can visit 55 Scout Rallos Street, Quezon City if you want to take a look! Don't be afraid to ask! =)

For more information about 55 Events Place

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