Artista Academy Top 6 Announced!

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

When I went to the studios last Saturday, it was pandemonium. I've never seen so many teens and not so teems cheer and yell their lungs out to prove they are worthy to support their idols during the Artista Academy performance night. This was more important than the other nights they were here because they needed to prove worthy to belong to the honor roll. Yes, this is the last time you'll see some of them and remember the ones they already kicked out of the competition? They were actually asked to perform again so they can also vie for the last two spots. The other 4 (called Honors List) went to Vin Abrenica, Akihiro Blanco, Sophie Albert, Chanel Morales. Once on the top 6 they will be moving forward to the last part of the competition vying for the Best Actor and Actress. The male and female winner will get 20 Million Pesos worth of cash and prizes!

Hosting the show was the dashing Cesar Montano. I feel he doesn't age at all!

The fans went wild each time their bets were called. This group had me shoot them a couple of times as you can see. They had banners, posters, drums and a custom cheer even! It was a mix mostly of tweeners, teens and their parents too!

The first 4 students to get in the Honors List was Chanel, Sophie, Vin and Aki. They did a song and dance number of course!

They were pretty good! You won't really hear yourself when you are in the audience area because it was like UAAP noise levels on the bleachers.

Benjo, Malak, Mark and Shaira would have to battle it out with Chris, Jon, Brent, Marvelous, Stephanie and Nicole. The face off will be judged by Direk Mac Alejandre, Ms. Jelli De Belen, Ms. Lorna Tolentino and Ms. Wilma Galvante.

And they gave it their all!

Out of these guys and gals, the number of Shaira Mae kinda stood out. It was something different and unorthodox and the judges loved it!

Even Cesar Montano himself had a hard time choosing LOL!

Then they got their microphones and sang their hearts out!

They all did well. I like Brent and Marvelous' performance though.

Then a documentary was showed on screen, that was for their acting portion of the exams.

Then later they had to choose who will get the last 2 slots...

They got these guys eliminated.

Then a wonderful thing happened! Mark Neumann got chosen to be one of the last two who will be part of the top 6!

Then the last two, only one will be chosen among these girls.

Then it was announced. Shaira Mae got chosen.

Ladies and gentlemen, your Top 6 students who qualified for the honors list! Vin Abrenica, Akihiro Blanco, Mark Neumann, Shaira Mae, Chanel Morales and Sophie Albert!

Congratulations Mark and Shaira! Give your best okay?! ;)


Who will be the Best Actor and Best Actress?

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