David Guetta: Minute to Get It Concert Tickets Promo!

Sunday, September 30, 2012


This guy right here? I don't even know a single guy or gal who hasn't gone ballistic when his tunes come out of a dancefloor's speakers all throughout the globe. He's David Guetta, and he's gonna be here on October 10th 2012. Best of all, Astroplus and Astrovision is cutting us all a deal. Of course we'd love free tickets to the event! How? Read this!


Just follow the directions to a T, you'll get the chance to win two tickets instantly! SM MOA Arena isn't too big for this guy who made the Olympics a big party in London. Imagine how he'll do it in Manila and  be astonished how house/pop/electronica music flourish in this big venue. It's gonna be epic and if you didn't check the latest tracks, make sure you get his CD at your favorite Astroplus and Astrovision stores nationwide! This is released locally by Polyeast Records Philippines.

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ZaiZai said...

I love Davi Guetta! May contest bang walang kailangan bilin? #kuripot