UNO Magazine: UNOversity!

Sunday, September 02, 2012


I was excited to see so many thing happen for UNO Magazine this year. First was the signing of HUBO Productions and UNO to produce a video that will celebrate UNO Magazine’s 9th Anniversary issue. It's been years since I got to grab hold of one but I have several subscriptions of this mag still in my stash. This contract signing would definitely be something to look forward to come the UNO Magazine event. I did the next best thing, I attended it too!

UNO Magazine: UNOversity This was on the 29th of August and they will be releasing limited edition UNO Magazines on this event. Even though it was raining hard, a lot of people flocked One Esplanade and still had a HOT time with the girls.
There were magazine auctions and limited release issues of UNO. It was like we were in a Candy Store =).

I am fond of back issues but they had it signed by the artists themselves which made it really special. I did bid on one magazine but didn't win it. That's probably because other ones had their eyes on it too. This collectors issue though also had the UNO Black Card which will take me to all UNO Events and Parties. It was a steal and even though the event has not ended yet, it was sold out!

Then on the event itself, we were treated back to a glimpse on what UNO Magazine had in mind for this year. They wanted to go back to the basics hence, they properly called it UNOversity!

UNO Magazine had their Alumni and current cover girls on the runway again on this wonderful night together with some booze courtesy of Ginerbra. It was wonderful and nice to see they've stepped up the place and went back to know what men want. THIS!

Isn't that a nice way to start the evening? =) They played the video here. I'm also sure this guy over here agrees since Vince hosted the show, plus of course everybody loves RJ Ledesma!

Then they started with the FEU Cheering Squad doing their stunts for us!

And then these gorgeous ladies came in! Glad to see familiar faces, these covergirls are HOT!

The gorgeous Paloma was even being checked out on stage by a naughty drummer boy LOL

Then their outfits just got a little shorter and more of a school girl! 

This part just made me realize, I LOVE PALOMA! :)

I'm sure tons of you guys agree with me!

She was not bad too eh?! :)

Told yah! hahahahha :))

But this girl right here is my crush, I love the mysterious kind of love she brings LOL

Congratulations to UNO Magazine for a very successful event! UNOversity was indeed epic! I love you and please do me a favor, more girls next time? Heheh :)

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ZaiZai said...

ang saya saya mo siguro dyan! puro sexy girls!

popazrael said...

sino yung naka mask?

el toro bumingo said...

Kaumay puro keps :(

KUMAGCOW said...

Medyo anonymous eh, I heard the name is pinay i just forgot to write hehe

She had nude-topless shots kasi.. nakita ko sya without the mask she was pretty!

popazrael said...

omg!! research time hahaha

mark pogi said...

AFAIK, she's Erika Raffai (I think).