Nuffnang Launches NUFFNANGX!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Heard the news? People have been so busy buzzing about NUFFNANGX these past few days and I had to check it out myself. For bloggers like me, it is quite a daunting task to monitor my own or other peoples blogs because of the manner you have to do it. Typing URL's, clicking here and there, it's even so troublesome to comment on it when you can't get that captcha right or react about that certain blog you love so much. I went ahead and did the next best thing, download NUFFNANGX!

To tell you honestly I didn't have any idea what it was initially. The curiosity was killing me so when I got online I installed it on my IPAD2 and voila! 

I got my blog registered and claimed then I tried to follow others as well. It automatically loaded my blog articles and you know what's good about this? You can actually aggregate your comments and have a cinch replying back to anyone commenting on your site as well. You can enable push notifications to the system and have your phone or tablet alerted whenever someone showed some love on your article. Isn't that neat?

Best of all, it can all fit in your previous conversations into one of the tabs so you won't miss any part of the story when you are replying to your followers as well. The app also enables them to easily follow your updates wherever, whenever. It's got some awesome recommended blogs too! I just had mine today, so if you got one, wouldn't it be so nice to follow while you're at it? Haha I know, self promotion isn't one of my best talents but just the same since you are probably gonna use it to follow some of your favorite blogs it wouldn't hurt to get mine on it too LOL. It takes just one click!

If you are just reading blogs on your free time, this is the best app there is on Google Play or the App Store. Don't be left behind, you know you gotta have this one on your gadget! Capisce?!

You can download the apps here!

Download the Android App Download the iPhone App

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Bino said...

oi madownload din. gusto ko to :D

el toro bumingo said...

Pwede ba 'to sa BlackBerry? Parang Twitter lang noh? :)