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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Tomas Morato has been more or less saturated with restaurants and bars since the 90's and pretty much has been so hard to go to because they don't have ample amount of parking in the area. I don't mind going there on foot because it's a skip and a hop away from where I live. We just discovered a very nice spot to chill out at the corner of Scout Castor in Tomas Morato Avenue where Thai Food comes at a very affordable price. It's called Bai Yok and together with Anton of and his wife; we dined with the owner himself.

The Interiors

Although I find the place a little lacking in that Thai presence they have some key pieces that you can say was pretty well executed. The main dining floor I guess just had the basics. They don't have that much lounging chairs, but the dining hall was okay. You get to eat the food that you want with a bunch of friends and the place doesn't get that pretty crowded; which in my books is perfect because I don't like places that are too noisy/you hear everyone else next table.

For those holding small parties or private lunch/dinners they have this loft you can go up to so can enjoy the privacy whilst seeing the busy streets of Tomas Morato in the evening.

Now I can't say the space is bare because they've got it painted and all but I feel it can still be jazzed up. The owner himself says he's planning to move next door so he can get a bigger space in the works. They'll get their Pinoy inasal restaurant and this Thai one together so people can order with one or the other. Honestly, I said they should charge more for their food because once I took a peek at their menu (plus the amount of their servings), nothing was actually more than 300 pesos. Imagine that!

The Food

Now let's start salivating and check out what they have on their menu. Thai Milk Tea for starters just got our thirst quenched at an affordable price of 85 pesos (don't quote me on that but the price is on that level). I don't know why but I felt the thing is under priced, when I saw the rest you'll know what I'm talking about.

I love Green Papaya Salad and this Som Tam was definitely a perfect way to accompany what we're about to eat that evening. This is so nice, fresh, crunchy and chewy. It was really reminiscent of the one I ate in Bangkok but had thicker strips of papaya here. The nuts and tomatoes just gives you that extra something for texture. I would love to have this again when I invite my folks for dinner. Would you imagine this only costs 100 pesos? See what I mean by being underpriced? You won't see pretty stuff like this for that amount honestly.

For those who don't eat catfish like me or Anton, having this is just nirvana. They ground the meat up and make this crunchy concoction together with mangoes, tomatoes and sprigs of Cilantro. You can opt out cilantro if you're not much a lover of it like me. But a hint of it won't be bad. This is so awesome that I didn't get to taste it because Anton ate it all! LOL It's his favorite! It's as authentic as it can get! It's called Yam Pladuk and costs only almost the same as the Papaya Salad.

Spring Rolls, just the mere mention of that dish's name made me think of this. The vegetables that they harvest plus the rice noodles inside a crispy brown crusted wrap that's light and filling just makes this the perfect appetizer I had three of these! It's called Popiatort in Thai and I love how it stays not that oily. It only costs 170. Mind you it's big and fit for about 3 people in one serving, unless you can't get enough of it. :)

If you don't get this one off the menu, you'll be sorry. The Bagoong Rice or fondly called as Khao Pad Kra Pi at P145.00 is just amazing. I don't care who you're with on a date but just get this one. It's authentic because they import ingredients from Bangkok. It's not salty at all.The price point is another thing, I don't have to tell you how much again because no matter what the price is you should taste this. It's from another world and I loved it. I just didn't show too much excitement out of decorum for the owner and I suggested them to feature this one and a couple of other things on their menu.

Sold in a bowl of rich hot and sour goodness is this Tom Yum Soup. It's a staple in every Thai restaurant and by the looks of it it had me just love it bowl after bowl. Mind you I am allergic to seafood but how can I pass out on this? Seriously?! This is one of the relatively pricier items in their menu, but at 230 pesos, would you call that expensive? Aren't you just excited to take a hot bowl of this on a rainy day. Oh my.

If that wasn't enough, take a look at this Mixed Seafood Noodle Soup that's got almost every thing in it. It tastes light and refreshing, perfect for those who prefer a soupy thing to end the night after a drinking spree in Tomas Morato. #NoToHangovers. This cost almost the same as Tom Yum but less the spicy kick. It's best for ladies who prefer a subtle, strong flavored, comforting soup right after a night out on a date. ;)

You can't get enough of Thai food if you have this on your menu. This is the famous Pad Thai and just look at how they intricately prepare each of these items on the menu. The Pad Thai had that perfect chewy noodles and crunchy veggies, peanuts, plus that sweet sugar mixed altogether with strips of egg in this dish. Their version wasn't too spicy and just had the chili on the side. This would be great for those non adventurous types who just need a fix of Thai flavor because you can choose how much fire you put into the plate. I love spicy food so if you are like me I'd add more of that kick into it. This only costs 200 pesos for this huge serving. It can probably get 2 or 3 people in one plate. I had this together with something special. Just look at the picture and see something to rave about!

This ladies and gentlemen is their Sampaloc Shake. Yes you heard that right. If you haven't had one yet it's time you do and it was something totally unexpected for me. I LOVE THIS! When I go back to Bai Yok this is something that I would totally order right off the bat. It was sweet, sour, almost velvety consistency and just had the right balance of flavors you would expect from Samapaloc. If you had your share of Tamarind from Bangkok and got the best ones, just imagine that made into a sweet drink and you'll know what I'm talking about. I almost had a heart attack out of excitement over this single drink and found something that I'd recommend you guys to try in this restaurant. It's one of the best drinks I've ever tasted in Manila and if you don't mind, please make the trip down Tomas Morato and get one of these for me will you?! :) Sorry about the photo (coz I drank it already LOL) I just can't help but taste it first before judging it best drink in Manila! For health buffs they have Ampalaya Shake also, I didn't get to try it because of time constraints but Anton raved about it. You should try that out too!
If you want to go to Bai Yok and get that Authentic Thai Food crave out of your system, just visit them at Tomas Morato Corner Scout Castor. It's right beside the 7-11 store and the big Teriyaki Boy at the front of Roces Avenue. You can probably get to park there if the slots in front of the store is full.


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