National Geographic Channel Presents Doomsday Preppers!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I know Earth will end some day. I know this rock will also cease to stop spinning. I know there will be thousands of earthquakes, storms, fire, meteors, comets which I won't probably see in this lifetime. Well I might if we end up really having that end of the world thing come December 21, 2012 according to the Mayan and Egyptian calendar. Weather it is going to happen or not it pays to be ready. When getting ready for the end of the world, what would you do? Well they've got people and whole families doing that just now in the USA. Case in point are these doomsday preppers!

Yes, National Geographic Channel wanted you to stay in your shelters and see these extreme preparations that other people elsewhere in the world does to survive any threat that his end of the world prediction has brought upon us.

Imagine the sun having millions of atomic explosions suddenly sends a huge solar flare from the sky and sends immeasurable damage to communication, electricity and totally disabling every bit of man made technology there is in the planet. We probably would live a very sad and uncomfortable lives but there's this guy who prepared for this. He made his own shelter underground, stocked on thousands of dollars worth of supplies like food and all the necessities this early. 

He can survive all of this comfortably while we depend on others too much and probably perish from hunger and other means. Coleen and Scott has a full pantry, prepping and stockpiling food, water, protein (yes they have tons of meat in bottles etc.). They can even morse code in the dark and speak tagalog. Cathy prepares for black swan events like earthquakes and grows their food in the backyard, they are that prepared. Dennis on the other hand and his whole family prepared for economic chaos/hyperinflation and does prepare food, cans em almost the whole day. They can last for a whole year without going out and buy something in a grocery. He also delegates labor to his family members making them better equipped than any other family in the US and in the world. It is rare but without them doing this and disaster strikes, how can we ever get prepared?

It's a good thing National Geographic Channel has got the next best thing we should do instead of just minding the warning signs.

Watch how they do it and more come September 17 on your local National Geographic Channels at 9PM. We already got to watch a couple of episodes during the launch and you'll surely gonna think about what will happen if it does occur. We can just never be too ready so make sure you watch this tomorrow okay?


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