COTTON ON: Now in the Philippines

Saturday, September 08, 2012

That comfy shirt, that awesome shorts, that cool jacket and those fab accessories. That's how shoppers went wild yesterday at the Mall of Asia. We are so happy Bench, Suyen Corporation has finally brought one great Australian clothing brand to Philippine shores. This is COTTON ON.

The launch happened last Thursday in front of the COTTON ON store at the Mall of Asia. There were tons of celebrities, fashion icons, dignitaries, fashion bloggers and media personalities all in one place. Some were even standing outside because honestly, who wouldn't be excited to see this huge store that's about to hit Manila by storm.

I did the next best thing, shoot celebrities :)

People from COTTON ON Australia and the Ambassador of Australia to the Philippines himself was on the front row to see what they've got in store for the Filipinos. You can also see Congressman Romulo and the lovely Councilor from Valenzuela Shalani Soledad-Romulo on this shot. They look lovely.

Benjamin Alvez being interviewed by his home station.

Good looking guys can even come in threes, Enzo Pineda, Benjamin Alvez and my buddy who keeps on getting better and better looking Rocco Nacino. Ladies, you must have fainted by now LOL.

Then, I got surprised to see even Artista Academy was there! :)

Malak, Chanel and Marvelous. :)

Brent, Bruno, Akihiro and Direk Mac Alejandre!

Mark and Chris :)

Shaira and Nicole :)

Jon and Vin :)

Sophie and Steph :)

Then when everyone was already comfy on their seats, the show started.

Raymond Guttierrez served as host.

They showed the selection process for Cotton On's first models in the Philippines. They call this Class of 2012. The judges included famed bloggers and Ms Cecile Van Strated aka Chuvaness.

Then they all came out in a group. I saw some good looking guys and gals from this group. The clothes were phenomenal, let's take a closer look!

We got fashion overload and what do you guys think about the clothes? Comfy just by looking at it right? Then something good happened...

She went all out on this!

Now this was the part where I was wondering, why in the world is the model going ballistic on this number? I didn't know I was seeing a glimpse of what's about to happen in the BENCH show on the 13th and 14th :) Yes, she's part of the dancers from L.A. that Mr. Ben Chan flown in just for the show... then the rest of them showed up!

Good looking men and women who can dance, how in the world could we argue what's better than that right? :)

And that ladies and gentlemen is the COTTON ON CLASS OF 2012!

Then it was time to open the store! :)

Well you must understand I didn't really get the chance to see it because of the tons of people who wanted to see the celebrities. Just so you know it was really crowded as seen above! :)

Then it was time for me to check out the store too. Mind you there were models, celebrities inside so I had to take photos of course! :)

Now honestly I like how they designed the store. It was reminiscent of a Bench store but slightly upscale. They had large sizes because I saw some extra small sizes that looked like medium in Philippine standards. I was thinking of a few things to purchase but I have to go back for these... there wasn't enough time because there were tons of celebrities in the store.

Yeap they've got some of the nicest shoes and jackets. They've covered the basics and more!

Then I had my eye on the celebrities who attended. Chek them out!

Ms. Lucy Torres Gomez was so gorgeous. I was happy she went with her daughter who really had that knack with presenting herself well in front of people. I like Juliana. Richard and Lucy must be so proud they raised a well mannered daughter.

Mark, Chris and Benjo :)

Some of my fashion blogger friends Ana Gonzales and Arnie Villanueva; but please don't call me Sir. I aged 30 years just by hearing that hahaha!

Hunky Edgar Allan Guzman, shows his seal of approval shopping at COTTON ON.

Fresh and lean looking Rocco Nacino shopping for the first time at COTTON ON store. He saw a LOT of things he could wear and said the choices were cool as quoted on Twitter. :) I like his complexion. Wish I had the guts to be moreno.

First time to meet this guy, I didn't like his hair though because it reminded me of ME hahaha. He's EJ Falcon :)

A sweet smile, good looks, archaean body, I saw Joseph Marco fitting on some Jackets. Which reminds me, I should get that one. :)

He wasn't really smiling much because I bothered him while he was choosing comfy "sandos" on the rack, but Enzo Pineda knows what he's getting. Probably something to wear on the beach since they have demigod level abs LOL

Akihiro from Artista Academy was looking at a couple of things in the new arrivals. Although, since this just opened in the Philippines, doesn't that mean that everything's supposed to be in New Arrival status? Hehe walang masabe sensya na hahaha

Well, for what its worth it feels so good to see COTTON ON in the Philippines. Pretty soon this brand will probably end up a little like BENCH which is now a byword by any Filipino. I love it when we get global. Congratulations to Suyen Corporation, Bench and Cotton on Philippines for this wonderful landmark brand's opening in the Mall of Asia. I can't wait to see the other one in Lucky Chinatown to open, and probably more soon! :)

Hope you got your fill of COTTON ON too!

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el toro bumingo said...

Di ko kinaya ang post mo na ito ah! Talagang umaapaw sa cute guys :)

June | Life and Spices said...

wow..i really like the men's clothes..sana ffordable..saan po to?

pusangkalye said...

interesado talaga ako sa mga shorts nila.sana mag open narin ng branch sa megamall,ang effort lang pumunta ng MOA.hehe

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andyan na naman ang crush kong friend mo na si Rocco!!!