Limited Edition BUM Shirts for 20 Bucks!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

BUM has presented itself again with quite exceptional pieces this year and we're quite impressed with what we've seen worn by their endorsers. I went through a phase like this and I just outgrew it but these guys are living it. I envy them because I don't get to wear the same aesthetics anymore but I do continue to admire people who can carry it well. Daniel Padilla for example, cool, dark and handsomely worn... who can get wrong with that? Have you seen him in mall shows recently? The screams were just so deafening and girls just go gaga over him. Why not? He's wearing BUM!

I like the clothes, I like the attitude!

Bea Binene has got her hands full on making an album of her own. Aside from acting, modeling and doing her thing she's no stranger to fashion because even if she's a little lacking in height, she takes it a step further by not limiting herself on her clothes. Hot, young and fresh, she takes it to the dark side every once in a while and wear some of her favorite shirts from BUM Equipment. And she loves it!

Empress Schuck has gone leaps and bounds in endorsing this brand because aside from doing good in her shows, her relaxed yet still edgy and dark look always turns heads. Don't be worried when she does this often because as much as she wants to wear gowns and girly stuff, she makes sure to turn her looks into quite a surprising dark persona on a regular basis. It's easy because a simple shirt, a few accesories and a touch of makeup... it completes her BUM equipment look that most girls envy. You should try it every once in a while because it feels good.

You know what, all these limited edition shirts cost only P20.00.. yeap you are not seeing things... It's 20 Philippine Pesos for these shirts. How? That's easy!

Every minimum single receipt purchase of regular items worth 499.75, you can get this by simply dishing out 20 pesos. A new shirt for 20 bucks!?? Impossible right? Well BUM just did that for you and you should hurry because this will only last until October 7, 2012. Don't be left behind!

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