BIGFISH MANILA: Innovation Black: Photos of Tritonal and the Event!

Sunday, September 02, 2012

One of the most awaited events in town and we were there to cover it. We attended the White Party but this time we go opposites and still got through attending INNOVATION BLACK. Everyone was in their dapper black outfits and we got first dibs on what happened there. We even got the chance to talk to Tritonal live in the flesh before the party started. Are you ready?

We were there around 10ish and the place was slowly packing up. The VIP seats are on the sides and on the lower part of this photo with the illuminated tables. Black was everywhere! This was the view from the press room because we were about to interview the DJ's before they spin. Yeap, world class Tritonal was going to be in front of us. It's my first time to meet these famous DJ's! Oh actually it's their first time here too go figure haha!

They were so fun, they were not that intimidating because they were so nice to talk to right from the get go. We were a little shy I guess to ask questions but after a while they got us into it.

Nothing but Power Horse to start our creative juice flowing and keep us energized throughout the evening til the wee hours of the morning. Actually I was really hyped until about 8am, this was around 10pm when I got it so imagine that while I was even drinking! :))

 The word TRITONAL came from 80% TNT and 20% Aluminum. It's what they usually use as air bombs and for them to have this particular name to use as their monicker entails a lot of things. They've proven to be one of the most formidable duos in the House/Trance circuit and it shows on the tracks that they have been releasing these past few years. Some of them are even big in the iTunes charts so just imagine how much people believe and live their music. They've got several remixes of music greats such as Jerome Isma-ae who's consequently also playing that evening. We didn't get to interview him though because his plane was kinda delayed. Mind you these guys are jet-setters and on some instances they only land and leave countries in less than 24 hours. Chad and Dave are no different in this lifestyle and they've been representing the US in this genre for a long time now. Their hits Essence of Kea,  Crash Into Reason, Let Solitude, Piercing Quiet, and my personal favorite Cloudbase are just some of what they've been known for and are continually working on projects here and there also with other artists from Europe and elsewhere in the world. They've got a huge following and why not, their sound alone speaks a lot why they continue to be one heck of a representation from the United States that all started with a few things before they became this magical now.

Dave by the way is also married to a Filipina and I remember talking to her years ago on Twitter. She's Elleah, also an EDM vocalist but when asked more about projects they are doing today Dave and Chad said Elleah's quite busy with her own craft right now that they don't have time for that but would really love to do more things with her soon. They kinda know how proud we are about how she was able to play amongst men in this genre and the fact that she's Filipina just made our day. Dave said she mentioned a lot of things about the Philippines but said he should try the food. Adobo was mentioned and hearing this from him just made our smiles a little wider that time. I can't wait what they'll play that evening but they forewarned us that they will be playing some new tracks as well that's never been heard before in other Tritonal gigs. True enough, they showed us a thing or two about what they can do!

Cuervo was actually one of the major sponsors of this INNOVATION BLACK party and above is their executive + ladies from the brand. There was a part in the program where they introduced the new drink called CUERVO BLACK. Honestly, when I tasted it, it was smooth and perfect! It's going to be something I'd look forward to drinking a lot of pretty soon!

The ladies who got me my first serving of Cuervo Black agree! :)

When we went down to check out the scene; DJ John Paul Lee was spinning. Everybody was up on their toes and partying like no tomorrow when he did his set. By the looks of it, our DJ's were at par with the world's best no doubt about that!

Even the ladies on the AXN Asia booth agreed with me! Don't they look gorgeous too?! :)

I've met some of the nicest people. This guy on the left, I like his hair LOL!

JayJay Jareño, Jason Tomas, Vianca Tan, Esme Ralda and Wilbur Jimenez Dela Rosa. These are some friends of the nice PR! :)

Then they introduced CUERVO BLACK to the crowd in STYLE of course! We went rowdy with them celebrating this awesome party called INNOVATION BLACK!

Then they started their set! It was TRITONAL!

Then we partied like there was no tomorrow! Tritonal's music was awesome! I heard Jerome Isma-Ae was great too! You guys should experience this soon coz the next one's actually the biggest Halloween party in the country called CREAM Halloween Ball. It's where everybody dresses up in their favorite costumes or something fancy! You'll love this next BIGFISH MANILA gig on October! You should definitely buy tickets for that as soon as they release it! I'll tell you when it'll be on my site so stick around!


Thanks Jason and Ms Sam for hooking us up! Plus Cuervo Black and Power Horse for keeping us sane and in the party mood till the wee hours of the morning. Now THAT was a party! =)

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