Cotton On Now Opens In Megamall!

Monday, September 24, 2012

For those of us who live in the North, it proves so tiring to always go to Mall of Asia because it's so far and you would have to resort to public transport so your journey becomes a tad easier. It's the only choice though if you want to get hold of brands like Cotton On since they only have that branch they opened a few weeks ago. But the fashion gods and goddesses must have been listening to our prayers and got us the next best thing; it's another branch of COTTON ON in SM Megamall. Yes you heard that right, we don't have to travel that far to get what we wish for in this awesome Australian brand. They even did a fashion show to break the ice and welcome patrons to their newest branch in the Philippines!

Let's take a look!

Wooh the dancers from L.A. that performed in the Bench Universe show are still here! How cool is that?! =)

Raymond Gutierrez hosted the event.

The reps and managers from the Australian brand lauded the mall officials and people from bench for being so supportive in putting up this new branch in Megamall.

The fashion show started with the new models who passed the gosee for this brand.

Well, even the some of the dancers wore the Cotton On shirts too. I like the young clothes, it makes you jump a generation or two without compromising looks (not that I'm too old). The feel is very urban yet relaxed and some of the main components of the wardrobes are all cotton as the name suggests. Quite nice I say!

That's the class of Cotton On 2012

Then we did the next best thing... shopping. Good thing there were celebrities also hoarding clothes that time!

The lovely Lovi Poe, gorgeous as ever!

The fine Divine Lee was shopping there too! =)

My friend Angel got the best treat she'd ever had because long time friend Enchong Dee was there (hindi na nya ako nakilala ata kasi last time was Maria La Del Barrio ata haha)!

Iya Villana splurged on dresses, she loves Cotton On!

The place as you can see was jampacked!

Joseph Marco was the apple of the eyes of almost everyone there, I'm not surprised at all! He's good looking, got the body, and a sunny smile that could weaken the knees of most women =)

DJ Callum David providing music that afternoon! Quite a nice chap!

These teens were about to get their photo taken with lovely Jessie Mendiola when they suddenly dropped their camera and it got broken! I felt really sorry for the guy who dropped it so I took their photo instead. I hope you guys got it fixed and be happy with this shot of your idol! =)

25 years, Suyen Corporation and BENCH still does it like perfect. It's been a long time, we wanted to see Cotton On one of the few brands to look for in affordable, fashionable finds and it's here now. I already bought several shirts, jackets, undies and socks. The quality is way over my standards, you guys should check out this new branch in Megamall Building A at the second floor and you'll never look at fashion the same way again. You know you want it!

Are you Cotton On? I know I am! =)

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pusangkalye said...

at meron na sa Mega sa wakas! :)makadaan nga one of these days :)

John Bueno said...

@Anton yeap, sa Megamall building A 2nd floor sya, pwede bago ka sumakay ng papunta sa provice hahaha

ZaiZai said...

Bakit wala si Rocco Nacino?! haha :)