Celestial Tiger Entertainment Brings KIX and THRILL to The Philippines!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cable TV has gone leaps and bounds in programming. I remember when we only had 2 cable companies in the Philippines and our only means of watching movies were a few channels, not that we're too old but the cable service industry in the Philippines is really quite young. Now, there are hundreds of programs, thousands of movies all that could be delivered in the comforts of your own homes. Now we've heard something even better!

Andy Chang is the Senior Vice President - Marketing for Celestial Tiger Entertainment

Hong Kong based media conglomerate Celestial Tiger Entertainment which manages a throng of Pan Asian free tv mediums and cable television channels that are solely concentrated to Asian content has now brought two great channels called KIX and THRILL. It's about time we get the chance to watch world class movies and programs all whipped up in two stations.

KIX, for men who want it raw, unadulterated, exciting action; this station promises the best full action entertainment channel. Not just movies, even contact sports like MMA and the different leagues around it. Imagine BELLATOR Fighting Championships (Mixed Martial Arts) and It's Showtime (Kickboxing Championship Tourney), M1, even Top Gear Korea (a licensee of the popular brit auto show); these are some of the few titles up on the programs list for Kix alone. For us guys, getting that testosterone boost and gaining knowledge in athleticism is very essential because we need it while on our own chair. With popcorn and beer on the other hand, we say "This is the life!!" haha!

Thrill on the other hand will bring us the best Asian Suspense, Thrillers and Horror flicks all in one package that is actually unprecedented in Philippine Cable programming since its inception.We also got word that "The Road" will also be part of their upcoming series of specials next month. What makes a person chase after creepy shows like these isn't an exact science but if you think about it, there is some kind of excitement in Asian films like these and if you put them together in one place; wouldn't that be easier? You really can't stop that natural thirst for something that would trigger the "Adrenaline Rush!". Make sure you tune in on their Fear Fest happening this October! Now that's THRILL for you!

KIX and THRILL will be available on Channel 63 and 73 on SkyCable, Channel 220 and 201 on Cablelink, and Channel 10 and 11 on Destiny Cable. It will also be distributed to provinces nationwide by Creative Programs Incorporated (a subsidiary of ABS CBN) so make sure you ask your local cable operator to get this now!

Congratulations to Celestial Tiger Entertainment for launching two great channels that the Filipino audience truly deserve! Let's kick ass and crumble in fright as we watch KIX and THRILL soon on our own homes. I'm already sure I'll get KIX! Beat that! =)

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