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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We Filipinos are genuinely happy. With the things we experience everyday of the year, one must wonder where we source our happiness. Personally I don't know how to even gauge it. A few days ago I was able to see what it means for a lot of people. When we attended an event for Cebuana Lhullier Insurance Solutions a few days ago, it got me think a lot about how it is to live in this country of ours. Our difference talks a lot about how we became resilient despite of all the hardships we have encountered over the years. We're not first world after all but we are hopeful. We still want to be better people.

Cebuana Lhullier has been one of the most trusted brands in the country, and why not. They know how "happiness" thrives in the country and this is their attempt to honor the HAPPIEST PINOY and they have been doing this for a few years now. Isn't it so nice to see a private corporation make waves throughout the country making and giving honor to the same people that harness happiness as their primary tool to help people and themselves.

Happy lover boy Drew Arellano hosted the show. All the finalists were present and they have already won 25K just by being one. The grand winner will be receiving a hefty amount of sum to continue their personal goals and community projects. Here are some of them:

Arnel Alipao - An environment advocate. He started initiatives for several community members and NGO's education so they would never forget about carbon footprint and caring for the environment no matter how much we want to improve our lives.

Gilda Altez- Family Counseling and Community Work. She has done countless seminars and public engagements and has done remarkable work in the field of rebuilding Family Relationships. Being a single Mom herself she knew how much important it is to save the basic unit of a community. It takes a lot of learning on both parties and she has to date have made a lot of progress in different areas in the Philippines. She's still doing the deed until now, how noble.

Rommel Arellano - Even at his condition had done countless community work and matters for persons with disability. He mentioned a story about a lady who suddenly asked him out of nowhere why he is actually happy in spite of his condition. He found happiness in slippers because with this tool he was able to move around and help those who are also in the same condition. He does charity work also using the slippers with his bare hands, that's how he finishes stuff. He was emotional and even cried at the mere nomination and recognition... later on he was announced the grand winner and Happiest Pinoy for 2012!

 The judges include these good looking guys over here. Yes, that's Miguel Zubirri.

Philippe J. Lhullier says "We do not run out of things to be happy about" that is why Cebuana Lhullier thought about this campaign and it has won them various accolades here and around the world!

Connie Emborong (One in Red)-  Does Muslim and Christian Community work in Marawi City.  Even on war stricken places, she spearheads movements and organizations so they can help the less fortunate and start classes all over again in these areas. She gets so much out of seeing kids get back on their feet and study again even if their homes are in conflict areas.

Marcelo Otinguey - Works in preserving indigenous and cultural heritage. Being an educator, he starts in his own turf. He shows the same outside and make more efforts so that others can learn from it too. They do performances and other mediums so it could be a visual treat!

John Gabriel Pelias - Math Wizard, has got the highest gpa in UP's history and chose to stay in the country to become an educator in UP.

There were a lot more nominees and it was so nice seeing them beaming with their smiles as they tell their stories. Everyone deserved to win!

Jean Henry Lhullier says happiness is but a choice. If we always keep a positive outlook in whatever we do, we will be good at it and it is true! Cebuana Lhullier Insurance Solutions has really made a noble act by honoring those who have helped countless lives in their own little way. Happiness is being used as a tool to help the community, and themselves without asking for anything in return.

Congratulations Mr. Rommel Arellano for being the Happiest Pinoy this 2012. Cebuana Lhullier Insurance Solutions, this is a great cause and I expect the next one to be even bigger, better than ever! Congratulations to all the nominees, in our minds, you all deserve to win!

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