Bench Universe: The 2012 Denim and Underwear Show - Part 2

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hello there! It's time for part II of the BENCH UNIVERSE show! Since it's the birthday of Erich Gonzales today, what better way to make her happy but by seeing someone close to her heart! Naks! LOL

Are you guys ready? =)

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Okay, to continue... When the models went backstage, the whole place darkened and only blue lights was used mimicking water. The video in front showed the very first commercial of BENCH featuring Richard Gomez rowing in still waters. It was black and white... and won some awards back then. Then on top of the stage came out this same boat made of panels and lights as you can see below. Someone was rowing, I wonder who that is? =)

See those small things on the side? Those are actually cameras hovering, yeap it was so nice that I wanted one too hehe. The cameras were taking videos of someone, obviously we can see him already. He was almost at the end.

He stood up a little and then jumped off. Oh man it's Enchong Dee! =) See what I mean about a present for Erich? Hehe =)

Slowly he was lowered down from that boat. It was quite high so it took a few minutes.

Girls and gays were shrieking by this time. His body was wet, glistening like it had oil on it. He was sexy in all corners. I know that cable can't hold me like that (buti pa sya haha)!

As you can see, he's sculptured physique was evident. Sorry for the noisy photo though, this was a little far for my cam and Facebook isn't the best image host :)

I know, you are not the only one annoyed at those guys who used their IPAD's to take photos of him. A lot of people in my area were shouting at them haha.

Look at that guy on the mosh pit (nakanganga) hahah... I don't blame him though. Enchong Dee looks very good eh?!

I know my friend Angel would volunteer to wipe him dry LOL

Okay, don't blame me if it's hot in your area! :)

Now how about that for Enchong Dee? Good job man! :) Hope to see you soon, and I hope you still remember me haha =)

Then after Enchong Dee went backstage, these guys started dancing. It was like a Jazz number with Ballet combined. They were flying!

Of course a couple of models passed by. =)

I like the blue green one worn by that guy above. (Pero honestly nahiya ako sa katawan ko haha)

Then these guys came together and went on the center of the stage to cover the door that went up because someone was about to make it a little hotter.

It was Diether Ocampo! =) Clad with a bike that he drove around with on the stage.

He was looking at the models, and their ass of course! LOL

He didn't take the jacket off. I think it was because he took it off yesterday, he wanted something different.

Uhmm I don't know her, can someone tell me who she is?(Update: @MrJimboy on Twitter told me she's Regine Angeles, she won in Be Bench a few years ago, not bad eh?!)

Now, ladies, I heard this became a little tad controversial. This is Kris Lawrence. But if you ask me I think it was genuine.

You can't get closer than that. Enuff said!

Models came clad in their dark gray/blue underwear.

Presidential Ex Girlfriend Grace Lee is pretty no?

And here's one from GMA, Carla Abellana.

I love the details on her top. I don't like the gown though but that's alright.

Now here's Paul Jake Castillo. He's okay but the outfit isn't that spectacular right?

Nice body though. Let's see a couple of models first.

Pretty white outfits for that special someone. Then comes one fierce girl... she was playing on the runway.

Yes you are not mistaken, she's Angeline Quinto! :) You would be amused about how she did this thing. 

Plus her outfit is very pretty!

Well it looks like they are trying to do different patterns and treatments to white undergarments. Is this part of the underwear collection of Bench for this year? Lingerie? :)

Then comes Bella Padilla. I don't know that much about her projects. She's pretty though.

She blows kisses to everyone! *catches one* hehe

Told yah it was full of celebrities! Look at Kathryn Bernardo opening for Rajo Laurel!

I'm sure a lot of Princess and I fans out there would love to see her on this number. Then I spotted someone from the back of the stage. Check this out!

Rocco Nacino for Bench Universe

Great job bud! Now that's what I call an entrance! Rocco Nacino is awesome!

Now that's a shot! Enzo Pineda is so nice and HOT with his Rajo Laurel colorful underwear!

Okay, I know a LOT of people are waiting for this particular article because of these two. I promised to take photos of them but I know this isn't my best because they didn't really stop that much in the front area. I hope you like it. This is Jason and Melai of #MELASON. This is for all my friends out there! :) They opened for Albert Andrada...

Holding Hands While Walking. (San ka pa?! Hehe)

Of course kailangan naka pose! :) (This was when I noticed, may abs pala si Jason no? SYA NA!)

Just look at Melai, she's definitely having fun doing Bench Shows!

It's her time to blow kisses to everyone! *Muah muah* she says on this bit!

Jason Francisco walking like he knows what he's doing. Angas! Hehe

When they got to the center of the stage, they posed again! =)

Then He smiles at her (NG NAKAKALOKO)... I really don't get why these two don't start over and be in love again! Just look how happy they are together!

After MELASON, comes the hunky, beefy, HOT PHILIPPINE VOLCANOES!

Ohhh how I wish I had bodies like them! :D

Now how's that for part II of this awesome BENCH UNIVERSE show? I'm sure you guys enjoyed seeing them strut the runways even if you are just in your own living room looking at your PC's, tablets, or phones. Actually, this isn't the end of it yet... YES! I'll be coming out with Part III pretty soon!

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