Bench Universe: The 2012 Denim and Underwear Show - Part 3

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hello again guys and gals! Were back and this is the third installment for the Bench Universe: The Bi Annual Underwear and Denim show from global lifestyle brand BENCH. This is in celebration of their 25th Anniversary. If you missed the last two posts, you can see PART I HERE and PART II HERE. This is the third one and it never ceases to amaze me how much support you've given me the last few days. Hope you like these photos! All I wanted to do was to actually have you feel that you also attended the show even if you weren't there, like you were in the runway.

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Let's start with one of the most beautiful faces I've ever seen and GMA. Yes, I have a crush on her and I know you won't be too surprised because she's Sarah Lahbati. She's a dream!

She's wearing this Randy Ortiz number that's kinda late 60's to 70' vibe. Very pretty no?

See? Don't tell her I love her ha! hahahaha =) (Kasi naman ang ganda naman nya talaga)

Now here's something you would like to see.

That's Benjamin Alvez for yah!

And now Carlo Guevarra right? I saw him paired up with Ogie Alcasid in a movie, I forgot sorry LOL

He's Rayver Cruz, sorry but I don't know why it looks a little deformed here. It must be something but he actually looked fine when he's facing the front. Is it just me? Can you guys tell me about this?

Now let' take a look at the original, and first endorser of BENCH

After all these years, Richard Gomez seems to have outdone some of the young ones. Heck he's even showed his body, and abs to boot. For those who probably loves matured ones he's probably perfect no?

See what I mean?

Now they all lined up after that. Looks like they are preparing for the finale....

Enchong Dee, Richard Gomez and Diether Ocampo... (kayo na may abs hahaha)

Then comes Carla Abellana, Grace Lee and that girl that I don't know the name. (Sorry!)

Bella Padilla and Sarah Lahbati + Rayver Cruz. No network wars happening in this stage.

On the other side, hunky Kris Lawrence, Enzo Pineda and Rocco Nacino came in.

Woot! Melai and Jason :)

Benjamin Alvez too!

These were moving, there were people inside spinning profusely with lights on them. Quite nice!

I thought it was gonna end but I was wrong, Julia Montes came out!

Pretty no? The outfit is from AMATO, excellent craftsmanship and design. Truly world class! Check out for it!

Then some performers on stilts came out. The guy in the center was even more flamboyant than the women in this part. I just forgot their name but they are actually a foreign performing arts group.

The background was constantly changing but I love the part where they were playing with Jellyfish and the white things mimic sea anemone. I couldn't believe how they made this happen! Bench is outdoing itself every year!

The dancers from LA was superb too. I've seen them up close in the Cotton On event. They were pretty special, and you know they were hand picked to do this!

Gorgeous models T_T

Then she came along :)

These AMATO people must have been blacksmiths in the past. I've never seen such detailed work on metal pieces for fashion. Excellent job!

Then the Semerad brothers arrived... they were clad in FurneOne1 designs of course!

Wish I had their bodies LOL

I want this thing he's wearing. I wonder how long it took them to make it...

Then of course Aljur Abrenica was next!

He was so overwhelmed with the screams, then he just took down his pants to the delight of the girls and gays =)) They screamed even louder!

Sorry he was too far from where I was so I wasn't able to take a clear shot. I know you guys wanted one right? haha

Peace... that's what the audience needed, they were going crazy over this guy! =)

Honestly I didn't know who he was but I did some research and his name is Pancho Magno.

These are the times... (na hiyang hiya ako sa katawan ko hahahaha)

Well proportioned and well built, this stunner is going places given the right projects. I wonder who is handling him? He needs visibility.

One who needs no introduction is perfect bodied John Spainhour. (Okay naiinggit nako haha)

Rock hard 8pack abs, tall, meztizo, just like me. Hahaha (okay joke lang wag kayo seryoso)

Okay, now there were some models also who walked in this bit but they were a little far from where I was so I wasn't able to secure clear shots like him above.

Then, the princess of horror films just came out in a giant sea anemone.

Ladies and gentlemen, the gorgeous LOVI POE!

Gorgeous. She was also with some guys and gals from Philippine All Stars!

So Sexy......... hayyyyyyyyyy.............

This was the part where she draws out a heart and blows everyone a kiss.... amazing job Lovi! :)

There you go!

Now they went up the stage again and did a final walk...

Don't you just feel a little uglier when you see perfect bodies like that? Hahaha

Then Dingdong Dantes came along.. nope he did not walk... he came out on a huge BOAT!

Unfortunately he didn't come forward on stage so no photos of him up close, he must have forgotten that part.

I forgot her name but she sang live on stage, she's a FilAm who prolly joined a contest somewhere. Can anyone identify her for me? thanks!!

Then it was time for Michael Cinco...

When Michael Cinco does it, it's got drama. So couture!

Then perfect bodied Tierry Vilson came in and made BORTA the word for the day LOL

Then we went back local with Shaina Magdayao

Then they happened to have Mike Tan also there too...

Jolly Jessie Mendiola was there too

Wish she was in a more sexier outfit though...

Like THIS!

Then Aaron Villaflor also went to the stage

Not bad Aaron, not bad.

Here's Borgy Manotoc throwing stuff to the audiences.... he seems to be having fun!

Told yah!

And then my crush arrives... I LOVE ALLISON!

Isn't she just so gorgeous? *himatay* *faints* *walang sumalo* LOL

And then there's Georgina Wilson

That's HOT.

Now what do you think about that? :) Now this is just my third installment so if you guys are thinking I have more photos, you are absolutely right. I'll have them in PART 4 of this series which I'll include the finale. I'm sure you'll love it! 

Make sure you drop by my site for more celebrities and models on the next fashion show. I hope in some way I was able to put you in front row seats even at the comforts of your home. Are you excited about PART 4? Stay tuned!

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