Bench Universe: The 2012 Denim and Underwear Show - Part 1

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hi guys! How are you? =) Well I know most of you are eagerly awaiting the photos of your idols. Some of you might be models from the show or designers that would want to see what happened in the Bi-Annual Bench Underwear and Denim show. I'll tell you the story... so you guys who were not able to go there would feel like you are also watching BENCH UNIVERSE while in front of your PC's.

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Are you ready? =)

We were in situated in the front, center of the mosh pit. I wanted a good vantage point and its a good thing almost everyone would probably be like 2 feet away from where I was in the show. The stage was grand! Those lights on the sides served as curtains and lifted up when the show started. I was in the mosh pit in the front and there was another mosh pit in the center. If that ain't gonna convince you that Bench is going all out with this one, just compare it to other shows and you know what I mean =)

Then a 3 minute countdown started. It was loud, almost deafening beeps and everyone was excited because it was about to start!

Then there was total darkness...

Then graphics of cosmos and stars was projected in the triple layered screen in the stage. After that we were signaled to turn on our glow sticks. Everyone was given one and I had one too! ^_^

Can you just imagine the whole place was glowing like this? :) It was even nice to see some were spinning em!

It's started! :) Everyone applauded seeing this on the screen!

Then this guy came out!

Yeap! That's Mig Ayesa. He's a Pinoy who grew up in Australia, went to London and joined the Rock Star: INXS competition. He placed third and was the crowd favorite. Aside from that, he appears in the local adaptation of Rockstar (the movie that was performed on stage). He's 1/4 Filipino, Ilonggo to be exact! :)

He's got abs, I dont.. =P

Then they came out in full force! I've never seen so many bodies in one putting LOL

As you can see the one who designed this line is indicated on the wall. It's Ezra Santos, another fashion designer from Dubai. He's been featured in shows and magazines the world over!

Furry, reminds me of poodles. But they don't wear things like these :)

When they proceeded to the "back of the stage" I saw someone familiar in the monitor. Is that who I think it is? =)

Sorry it's a little too noisy. Facebook does that to photos :) and I was too far too from the stage so I know you understand. But this is KIM CHIU! Yay!

Ahh now isn't she gorgeous? I know a lot of Kimerald or Kimxi fans would love this! :)

Someone familiar to me is Joseph Marco. I've seen him on TV and a couple of programs in ABSCBN. Being a benchsetter myself, I often see him in Bench events since he's an endorser. #angkapalkono? hehe

Okay ladies, it's your turn to drool :D

Okay I have to insert something for Men here hehe


Do you know her? Let me know her name please! :)

And here's a familiar face. She's Janine Gutierrez.

I really feel the Lotlot and Monching statements coming from you guys, she looks nice no?

My spot was very close to them I had to even step back just to get a shot like this :)

Next up is someone from GMA, he's a mystery guy. Nahh just kidding! Here's Steven Silva!

I think they were playing roles or something, this was the part where he kinda screamed LOL
Oh btw, I like the details of his bolero. I think that's what they call it right? :)

Then he did something to the delight of the ones beside me... kids, cover your eyes. NSFW!

He really did that.... LOL

Then after that scene, we had someone from ABSCBN just passing by... hehe

This is Sam Concepcion

Then a few models walked the ramp... I hope that Sam Concepcion overload was enough for you...

Then someone I love suddenly appeared...

I stopped shooting because of her LOL... She's Sophie Sumner of UK vs US ANTM Season where she won. ^_^♥

My favorite shot of her is this one below!

Love you Sophie! :)

Then came Jake Cuenca... I interviewed him a couple of months ago for a movie remember?

Of course that's his signature pose! =)

Then when you think he was done with the walk.... he suddenly did this!

He took it off... then after that....

Then everyone else came out of the stage :) 

Kim Chiu is just stunningly beautiful! =)

Now you guys should stay tuned about who's up next because he's going to be flying literally via a row boat =) If you know who's on the next photo comment on this post and let me know!

Part II of this series will include more stars, models, singers and dancers too! The party just started so watch out for the next BENCH UNIVERSE post only here on KUMAGCOW.COM! Yeap, we've got more where this came from! :)

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@mickeymiko said...

thanks for posting this. it felt like I was there in the MOA Arena just by reading this article. btw, i tweeted this, jsyk. thanks again!

KUMAGCOW said...

Hey that's so nice of you! :) Please be back coz I have maybe one or two more articles coming up :) all about this! The continuation! :D

Arnold said...

Nice shots! :)

I thought DSLR is not allowed inside the Arena thats why I ended up leaving my camera in our house. Then, I'm disappointed when I saw others handling their DSLR. Anyway, I'll bring an DSLR for better pictures.

Mac Callister said...

hay muntik na manikip dibdib ko!!! tapos bitin pa hmmmmp!

John Bueno said...

Tweeted you arnold :)

lonely_girl01 said...

i'm definitely gonna wait for part 2!
I like your blog!.
Same as with mickeymiko, i also felt that i was really there! ;D

Keep it up!

ZaiZai said...

next time sama mo naman ako sa ganito! kahit pag luto kita ng 5 kilong spaghetti!!

el toro bumingo said...

Grabe ang mga kuha mo idol ha! Talagang nasa Patron Seat ka :)

John Bueno said...

@Mac okay lang yan wag lang puson haha

@lonely_girl01 Thanks ah that means a lot to me :)

@Zai mas lalo mo pa dadagdagan ang spag pag nakita mo part II :)

@ElTOro nope, I was in the mosh pit :)

Mina said...

Wow! Ang gaganda ng mga kuhang pictures ni Kimmy dito lutang na lutang ang ganda niya. Thanks po sir :)

sump said...

Joseph Marco wearing pants is so much hotter than Jake Cuenca showing his butt.

Weng Iguis said...

Great photos you have there John. I appreciate the 'show' more because of your up close photos despite watching it on TV a few weeks ago. Congrats!

KUMAGCOW said...

Thanks Weng, pasensya na sobrang busy di makapagreply agad haha

KUMAGCOW said...

You have a point there hehe well to each his own po ^_^ but Joseph is really mabait.. seen him a couple of times

KUMAGCOW said...

TRUE! ^_^

KUMAGCOW said...

Uy thanks! Hehe nope nasa mosh pit po ako nyan kasi I knew I had to take photos ^_^

KUMAGCOW said...

Thank you so much for dropping by po, hope you saw the other parts of the show :)