Bench Universe: The 2012 Denim and Underwear Show - Part 4 (FINALE)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

This is the 4th and last installment of the BENCH UNIVERSE coverage that I've been doing these past few days. It ain't over yet because the best is about to come out! Gorgeous men and women on the catwalk for BENCH's 25th Anniversary. I promised to take you even further about experiencing what it is to be on the front row and got you so many close ups of your favorite stars, celebrities and models during this Bi Annual Underwear and Denim Fashion Show from global brand BENCH.

If you haven't seen the other parts of the show see PART I HERE, PART II HERE and PART III HERE. Just imagine if I did it with one post, people would have been scrolling for hours hahaah!

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So let's begin by showing you the dancers from EHLAY (L.A.) that BENCH flew in just for this show.

They all were modelesque if there's a term and their dances were really in tune with what the show requires. These guys blew us away!

These three girls were really good, one of them stood out but that's debatable hehe. It looks like aother part of the show was about to happen. The FINALE!

Then one of my favorites from US vs UK Edition of ANTM went back on stage. SOPHIE SUMNER!

Oh Sophie, you are so beautiful!

Now, as if that wasn't enough another ANTM Model came in. My favorite ALLISON HARVARD!

I specifically requested to her on twitter to spend a few minutes posing in front of the stage and told her I'll be in front center, and she gave me all the opportunity to shoot her. Oh those gorgeous eyes, that awesome skin, I couldn't be happier!

Then there were perfect bodied foreign models again :D

Not to be outdone, this is the first time that Jennelyn Mercado is joining BENCH. Just look at this gorgeous red number!

Now this guy is from GMA if I'm not mistaken. If I get him identified I'll edit and update the article :) (I was wrong apparently because he is Alex Castro, he sings together with Marky Stroem and JM De Guzman in ASAP, thanks to user @iAmAnilovich for the tip!)

Then under the management of Leo Dominguez, here's Ms. Universe's daughter Isabelle Diaz-Daza

I love her, she's simple and beautiful. Like Angle Aquino, she's timeless, kinda like that.

He's horny... what I meant was he's got horns LOL

Vavavoom Bianca Manalo shows her new do and body fit for a beauty queen.

The next one ladies and gentlemen would probably be a little rowdy, hold on to your horses because here's Nathan of Walang Hanggan aka the one and only Paulo Avelino

I wonder what he's doing? Sexy, he's got the body and looks to boot! Good job Paulo!

Then comes his arch enemy in the series, the FINALE with Coco Martin!

He's proven that one need not to strip in order to be sexy. Then they all came back on stage and posed on front.

If that part wasn't amazing enough, they go ahead and bring Far East Movement to the center stage...

The designers came out too!

Here are some random shots from the finale!


This overwhelmingly successful project was nothing but a great way to celebrate 25 years of BENCH. Congratulations on holding one of the best shows I have ever seen in my entire life. Congratulations to everyone who supported and made BENCH UNIVERSE possible. Thank you also to everyone who got me to cover this momentous occasion, you have outdone yourselves and I'm sure the next one would be even greater! Cheers to Sir Ben Chan, Bench and Suyen Corporation for making this big THANK YOU for everyone who supported BENCH throughout the years!

I fervently hope that in some way I was able to make you guys feel that you were part of the celebration of BENCH, hope you feel that you were there on the runway enjoying the show with me and thousands who came to witness it! It was an awesome show, just stay tuned for more coverages of BENCH only in KUMAGCOW.COM Men's Lifestyle Redefined!


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