Myrtle Gail Sarrosa Endorses Fun Cologne Spray Lolita!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Some of my photographer friends know Myrtle since she often works with them on Cosplay shoots. This was the time when she wasn't still in Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition. The experience for her probably brought a lot of opportunities; and this particular event I went to a couple of days ago must have been one of them.This is also my first time meeting her.

Have you guys ever heard of Lolita? If you know of this fashion craze in Japan's Harajuku district they often dress up in Victorian period attire and try to mimic living and breathing the lifestyle that could have been in that era.But you know, Myrtle brings in something so young and fresh playing this role and the throng of people supporting her can prove just that. Adding another feather to her hat, Myrtle now is endorsing a cologne spray of the same name. Introducing something great by Beauty Elements Ventures Inc. (BEVi), this is LOLITA!

The LOLITA brand was perfect for her since she often plays like one here in the Philippines. They basically had these cologne sprays match her personality so they came out with 6 different ones and I've smelled them all myself that weekend. For the playful and outgoing Lolita, they Rogue scent would be perfect. For the ones who love a fruity sweet scent the Fairy would be the best since it's got that candy-ish undertones. For those who are inlove and in the mood for something romantic, the Cospink would be great. For those who would prefer a floral, more fun and adventurous kind the Cali would be nice. For those would want to stay fresh and lime toned scent the Fantasy would be better. If you want to be a little sweet and warm, the Chick would be awesome for you... it makes a lasting impression for those who prefer something light and airy. Isn't it wonderful that they have something for everyone?! =)

Lolita truly personifies Myrtle in so many ways and she's so happy that it got launched the way she wanted it. Aside from the Lolita cosplayers in the venue, there was also a fashion show from various bloggers in the metro. They were dressed to kill and it was so nice and fresh to see these guys strut the runway like that century in River Thames. Beauty Elements Ventures Inc. (BEVi) also got us to try out some of their other products too. Myrtle would be the perfect ambassador to represent this fragrance that will surely be a byword among teens and pre-teens who simply adore Myrtle and something definitely new, fresh and so fragrant! It was like different kinds of tea in an English pub, but more feminine. Girls would surely go gaga to get one of these!

It's definitely not too late to feel special so go ahead and grab this cologne sprays when you visit stores nationwide! Lolita 100ml retails only for P96.00. It's available in Watsons, Mercury Drug and Robinsons Supermarket & Dept. Stores now!

Congratulations to Beauty Elements Ventures Inc. (BEVi), Kojie San for making Lolita also trend that evening. You have outdone yourselves and made this a sure fire hit when it does reach the stores nationwide! Congratulations also to Myrtle Gail Sarrosa, good job on getting this gig! You've got a long way to go, but you're getting there!

PS. Thank you so much to Paul who hooked us up that evening! Buddy did a good job! Congrats!

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