Wrangler Roadshow: Find Your Edge; Fall/Winter Collection 2012

Monday, September 03, 2012

Wrangler has definitely been one of the brands this country has been obsessed with. I got a few pairs of my own and it's been years since I last got one. The new designs, shirts and jackets were much of a surprise for me. I must have been living under a rock all these years.

They did up the ante these past few years and the local market has been definitely making headway on introducing new but signature originals (in design) the brand is known for. Right in the middle of Robinsons Manila, they got us hooked up on the Wrangler Roadshow. We were in for a treat!

Remember this guy from Project Runway Philippines Season 3? Yes he's part of the Wrangler brand and he's Joseph Montelibano.

This gorgeous lady from Studio23/ETC hosted the show. It was high time they show what WRANGLER's got for this season!

And so it started!

Seeing some plaid, jeans and bright colors it was rarely new to me to see it with Wrangler. It was really nice.

Simple clothes, mixed and matched with denim only Wrangler knows. It's a different execution of something western.

I'm loving the shape, texture and form on her. Wrangler has even made us a little learned about what they do in their jeans. 7 things that is totally unique in this brand was shown via video.

I think I want this one for my self. The jeans would really be perfect for me plus I'd wear my docks with it! =) Isn't this nice?

Now how can you not love an all american western rugged brand if it looks this gorgeous on people. The jeans are nice, the tops are too. If you have some on your wardrobe we'll consider you lucky. For the rest who don't have it yet, maybe a visit to your favorite boutiques and department stores can help solve that problem. This is something that became an essential now, Wrangler has a lot of promise and it's about time to make their mark and find your personal edge.

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el toro bumingo said...

Wow! Daming cute guys hehehe. Sino kaya yung naka-bonnet na blue na may stripes na polo-shirt with blue jacket? He's the pogiest of them all :)

KUMAGCOW said...

I dunno his name but I think I've seen him in a couple of shows..