Artista Academy: Third Kickout is Brent Manzano

Friday, September 07, 2012

Hi peeps! Well it looks like a sad week for Brent Manzano. He was the last person to be kicked out of the Artista Academy. He was actually the one his peers wanted to be taken out in the early days of this school but the guy's good looking no doubt about that. His minions might be a little sad this week but honestly I don't think it'll end here. There are a lot of opportunities up for grabs on the network and he'll be one of the artists to look out for in the near future. Aside from that, the first batch is always going to be epic. They've been probably interviewed in other programs now and I'm sure they'll get more exposure once the last scholar comes out of the school.

Here are some of the highlights on last week's exams!

Direk Mac Alejandre, Gelli De Belen, Ms. Lorna Tolentino and Ms. Wilma Galvante were dead serious that evening. They wanted the students to really step up their game so they won't get eliminated.

The scholars less Jon Orlando and Julia Quisumbing. Two of my 3 bets are out. Now my success lies on Mark Neumann. He's doing a great job though. Jon Orlando was in the crowd to support his fellow scholars, quite a good chap!

Then the guys and gals performed their dance numbers.

Marvelous had to also perform 1 dance number and an acting stint for her makeup exams. Yes they do have one too!

Everyone got good reviews except Benjo who got the lowest scores. But he stayed most probably because the scores were not really that low. 

Then the Acting exams commenced.

Malak had a very great performance. I loved what she did here. Plus she really carried the story well even if the sound effects were cheesy, definitely believable.

We had a glimpse of Stephanie Rowe's life in yesterday's episode. It was enlightening. You kinda understood her boyish ways now. Her family loves her dearly. Her performance though was okay. Just okay.

Chanel was very good. She learned quite a few things in the session with Direk Soxy Topacio who took over the workshops. She got good scores for this. I felt she was like Lovi Poe at this time.

Brent Manzano had some slight awkward moments. He needed this obviously to stay afloat. During sessions, he was really given advice about hand gestures. He's been doing that a lot in the past and he tried to do so here. It made him appear a little overacting. So on this one it was minimal but the last part and the conversation with the other stage actor was kinda still awkward. He got low scores and he's got the public to probably ask to vote for him. Unfortunately he was taken out last Monday. Sad but quite optimistic he's still gonna be in TV5 for sure.

Marvelous also performed that evening. I just didn't get any photos of that. But she did quite good. Maybe the slight awkwardness just stems from her looking too cute for the role. Ang cute naman talaga kasi hehe.

Then the singing exam started

First up was Mark Neumann

He admits being a little handicapped in the singing department but since he knows his weaknesses he jazzed it up with beatboxing that made the whole number quite entertaining. The judges really took notice of this smart move by Mark. I say GOOD JOB! :) Even I enjoyed it!

Aki was the apple of the eye of the ladies there. Singing was okay, looks was tops, but the way he did it in this bit was again "awkward". He didn't move around that much or connected with people. He didn't really even look at people or traveled around the stage. The judges made sure he knows about it so he doesn't do it again the next time.

Nicole Estrada did good too. I guess the only thing wrong is the song choice or the outfit. I guess the Madonna inspired outfit didn't match the Alicia Keys song. Overall she did a good job though but she has to stand out next time.

Vin Abrenica sang too but I wasn't able to take photos of it. I was busy listening. Again, this was a case of a bad song choice. Even though that's the case, this boy has stardom imprinted on his genes. He's also obviously good looking and among the scholars I think he's got quite a grasp about the industry. He's going places. Score wise, they all did a good job.

Then the announcement for the bottom 3 happened

Then it was announced; Marvelous, Brent and Benjo were in the bottom three.

Host Mr. Cesar Montano then proceeded to announce the top performers in the Dance, Singing and Acting classes.

Sophie is the top student for Dance, Vin Abrenica got the top rank for both Singing and Acting. Congratulations guys! :)

Now who's going to go next? Make sure you watch the next live exams at 9PM this week plus the daily show Mon-Fri @ 11:45AM & 9:00PM. We need to take this a notch higher guys, you wouldn't want to end up in the bottom 3 again do you?

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