Conviction, Courage and Comrade: Coco Martin's New Scents for Bench

Sunday, September 16, 2012

It must have been so hard for Coco Martin to reach the top. He's done his dues and got so much to thank for in the industry he now calls his own. From doing indie films to making mainstream ones, to making his own commercials from national and global brands, to TV and his hit show Walang Hanggan, Coco Martin now is the main guy to carry a brand new perfume for BENCH. I got to see him during the launch cum fashion show a few days ago and for me, it just felt right. It was time to see what fragrances from Grasse, France and this pretty boy had concocted for all of us as they called these deo cologne sprays Conviction, Courage and Comrade.

Sit back, relax and see this!

A guy suddenly swings out of nowhere and got down on the stage. 

They burst into a dance number. Oh my it's the freakin awesome Philippine All Stars!

Gorgeous guys came out in their opening salvo personifying the first scent Comrade. Clothes are nice and I dig the tops, jackets and jeans. Then look who just came in to the delight of the cocoholics!

It was like 2000 decibels of women screaming all at the same time LOL

Coco Martin took out his gun and did this! :)

Then he shoots some more before he went out! :) He must have enjoyed it hehe :)

Then a second dance number commenced. Now this must be Courage :)

I wonder where they got the tuxedos. Maybe a designer that did a collab with Bench as well. I must figure that out next time.

Looking good and dapper in his outfit on this bit. I'm not surprised they were screaming still, even the media on the other row agrees, just look at their faces LOL

Then a more hiphop and urban kind of music played. Philippine All Stars just brought it!

They were flipping and making passes while they did their thing. It was awesome!

Now that set was colorful, form fitting and quite nice. It's very young and hip which is perfect for the crowd. I think that part was Conviction. I love this particular fragrance because it was a little lime and very fresh... very citrus. It was light and perfect for that small hints of accents you wanted to have on your body. This is perfect for me :)

See what I mean when I said they were colorful? :) Those awesome clothes and equally YUMMY scents from Coco Martin just made my day. Even if you were not as good looking as he is maybe just a spritz of this newest addition to the Deo cologne line of Bench would make you smell a tad more like Coco c^^,) I'm actually using it right now and it's just great! I love it!

If you like looking good, feeling good and smelling good, get your Courage, Conviction and Comrade from any BENCH Stores nationwide! Must buy!

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glentot said...

Anong amoy ng perfume ng lookalike kong si Coco Martin? May hint ba ng gata? LOL

Elmer Gabais said...

ang ganda coco martin