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Friday, November 02, 2012

Thank you so much to Astroplus and the people behind this awesome event last weekend. Blog Connect is an initiative of Astroplus and the brands who recently participated to showcase some of the best ones in the industry. Not to pit against each other, but to somehow just make us aware of what they have in store. Astroplus is gearing now into lifestyle products like audio, video and gaming; and part of that is having some of these devices inside their showroom and record bars. Not just plain ones, but the worlds best!

Today they are not just about CD's and DVD's. They plan to have more things in store like high end speakers, headphones, consoles and docks. 


That afternoon, popular media brand TDK showed a video of their boombox. They showed us that its got a variety of input ports. There's even a 2 speaker version of it that's got a strap for easy handling, much like a fashionable bag. TDK also has HIFI headphones which they say is part of their goal to put "life on record." @tdkphilippines is also launching a boombox design contest which you should look up on their Facebook page. If you end up winning that, you can probably have one of the speaker series named after you. They've got their own music prophet who did a research and found out from real people what they want, so you are sure you're getting something that is designed by people who want to use the device. Pretty neat!

Kathlyn, Lei and Jen from Eleksys marketing showed us a couple of monster headphones. They showed models like "Inspiration" which are over ear headphones, diamond tears (2nd photo shown above) /edge for on ear headphones (used in Philippine Fashion Week by Sasa Jimenez). They also showed Vektr a line co-designed by Diesel. They also had Ntune, Nergy, Turbine, Jamz, Liljamz, Isport (which has collaboration with Livestrong), Harajuku lovers (Japanese inspired cute ones), Wicked style, Space age, Beats by Dr. Dre (because sound really matters!), Beats pro, Beats studio, Beats wireless, Beats solo HD, Beats Tour, iBeats, Artist Series, Heartbeats 2.0, Power beats by drose, Diddy beats, and their Beatbox line. Although pricey it looks well made and believably worth every cent!

They also have other brands handled by the same distributor like Sol republic (which they dubbed as the "soundtrack of life"), which are low cost, durable and different. They also have tracks HD which are durable and comfortable even if used for hours. There is also a cheaper version of it called Tracks which has a matte finish. Their line of Earphones come in V10 and V8 drivers where the former is of better quality than the V8. They also have Tracks ultra which has gun metal finish. They also have designer grade ones like Amps HD, used by great DJ deadmau5. Astroplus1 has some of the biggest releases of house and trance on their shelves. You can check out for more information. It's cheaper but they don't sacrifice quality!

World audio leader Bose had their audio headphones shown there. Monster earphones, Around ear2, In ear 2, On ear 2, it all has triport technology so air bounces and makes sound deeper duly patented by Bose. Most of their headsets have memory foams mostly for on ear ones, whilst the in ear tip for earplugs are made of silicone. Bose sound docks are small, compact but has quality sound. You should check out the soundock solutions by bose, like the soundock 10 which are available for viewing at their Bose Stores nationwide!

Aerial7 dubbed as the artistry of sound showed some of their wares that have been collaborated with Australian brands Billabong and Quicksilver. They cater mostly to DJ culture, fashion, art and lifestyle. They are not that pricey but I've held some of the models they have on previous occasions and I find them quite nice quality wise. They represent real sound instead of having deeper base/higher kind of sound quality.

 Skull candy's probably one of the most famous piece of audio hardware in the country. Design wise, they have always been so playful, never compromising just staying on the safe side. It's performance has always been quite a significant factor why people have been getting their brand for the past few years. Now they just made arrangements to make it a notch higher in lifestyle audio design. It is now at 2.0. Better audio quality than the first released skull candies. A Japanese guy dubbed as the golden ear designed these lines. He is Tetsuro Oishi, who formerly worked for Bose too. Try to check out the cool Aviator and Mixmaster lines, of which were worn by the likes of the Beastie boys and Manny Pacquiao. They've got different designs fit for different lifestyles!

I have well discussed Gear4 in a previous post before. You can check it out here! GEAR4: Amped Up. Party Ready. In The Philippines!. It's one of the most impressive brands of docks I've ever seen and they don't really break the bank. If you are finding value for money docks for your iphone/ipad/apple devices then you should really take a look at their line. Please check out my previous review because I have tons of photos there.

There was a young man who was discussing these headphones on display and he told me about how this was uniquely designed for DJ's. It's one of the world's best called Sennheiser! German engineered and tested by DJ's from Europe and around the world, I could say this is one of my favorites.

I like the fact that these headsets can fold up in a jiffy. Plus the fact that the right side of the lobe can be lifted up which DJ's can use in most of their gigs. This is the kind of detail that they need so they can work efficiently. I just hope I can borrow some units from all these manufacturers so I can put them to test, then give you the rundown.

We'll probably show you some of the products soon. A thorough review would definitely be better! Stay tuned for that!

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