Jericho Rosales and Bela Padilla for Luck at First Sight

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Spent an afternoon watching the new movie of Jericho Rosales and Bela Padilla starrer LUCK AT FIRST SIGHT under Viva Films. Honestly I don't watch that much Filipino films because I often find them corny but I think it just needs one or two ingredients on it that could make it work, you just need good actors.

That's what Jericho and Bela is in the first place and doing the role of two troubled people with added problems like money, suddenly find themselves lucky at first... then lost everything again. What caused it will be seen developing in the movie and this romance between Jericho and Bela probably will convince you they're meant to be together. It's those small things that builtd up and make this romance believable. 

If you're in love or just hopeful, make sure you watch it on your favorite theaters soon! This will make your heart melt, and you'll be happy for them.

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