Coco Tea Celebrates 20th Anniversary!

Friday, May 19, 2017

It's been a while since I've gotten my hands on CoCo Tea. If my memory serves me right I had my first one in Taipei a couple of years ago as it was something I'd like to experience in Taiwan. About 4/5 years ago they got a branche opened up in the Philippines and it has been loved by the masses ever since. This milk tea chain is the largest one in the world and aside from dishing out the best milk tea concoctions they have several fruit based ones thay I also fondly love. They invited us for their 20th annoversary celebration here in Manila at their SM North Edsa branch. 

I've always loved their milk teas and how consistently they ask for the level of sweetness instead of just assuming what I'd like in a drink. Their servers smile non chalantly and even give us time to choose what add ons we wanted in our drink. Of course, the Wintermelon flavor was best with my pudding :)

As for fruits, they don't shy off giving you what you want in a drink. They even have the whole thing in your drink, like if you want a Lemon Burst, you'll get the tangy drink with the actual lemon too. It was darn refreshing!

I also had this Strawberry Black Tea which was combined fresh strawberry juice, it was lovely I could compare it to a light strawberry jam, not too sweet. 

This came as a recommendation from the lovely people at the registration. Surprisingly, the Passion Fruit Burst was so good because it had the elements I wanted like the sweet tangy juice plus those tangy bits found in real Passion Fruit too. 

I also had this Milk Tea with the frothy cheese on top, don't judge me though because it was gone in 2 minutes!

They also had influencers like Camille Co, Richard Juan, and these two (whom I forgot the name sorry!) who regularly go to their branches and even mustered enough gusto to prepare us the best selling drinks in CoCo Tea Philippines! I didn't know how complicated it was but it was actually easy to follow as the Tea masters were there to teach them the ropes. Here's what happened on Video! Enjoy!

Thank you CoCo Tea Philippines for having us! I'll be going back to have a tea party very soon!

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