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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Having the time of my life at the Quaker Oats Overnight Breakfast Club together with other bloggers and influencers from Manila. I already had breakfast but that wouldn't stop me from enjoying one thing that Filipinos have loved over the years, that's Quaker Oats, am I right?

I still remember the days my Mom cooks this before I go t school, or on days that I had to workout and have breakfast first just by adding water (no joke!). I'm sure we all have our stories because it's part of our lives. You may have bought other brands from other countries, but you can't just compare the whole oats which tastes so good anytime of the day!

At the event they had us make the most important meal of the day, that's breakfast! This is some sort of a life hack as they prepare meals for the morning while preparing it ahead of time, like at night. After all it kicks off the metabolism, a thing that healthy families should do. Quaker has base oats, rolled oats, or the oat dairy drink and cereal drinks or just their cookies. Instant, quick cook and rolled oats are for different cooking processes but overall, they are all very high in fiber that aids in digestion and gives you energy for your activities all throughout the day!

You can start by putting in a mason jar half cup of Quaker Rolled Oats, sliced bananas and strawberries, some walnuts, some milk, seal it off and put it on the fridge overnight. That's what you can have for breakfast in the morning. Some even add protein bars, honey, other fruits, or just customize everything so you don't have to skip breakfast. You don't have to prepare the whole day because even if you are busy, you can do this just like Wil Dasovich, Patty, Lauren Young. You just basically doing raw and activating it by soaking it overnight. You get it soaked and you will know everything that you put in your mouth. You can find these in your groceries, local markets, all real stuff. It will thicken up, be creamy, you can check how to do it in OvernightOats.com. 

Wil Dasovich did a version with Mangoes. He likes it more as he likes his fruits in the morning, he adds low fat yogurt, honey, pour in the milk, and chia seeds. He loves anything that has got Omega 3 in them so you can substitute if you have something healthier, I think it's more of texture. 

Then we had our breakfast, a good one at that. There are always different things you can do with it, just work around your lifestyle and make it convenient. To become a member of The Quaker Overnight Brekfast Club, you don't need to be fancy shmancy, just make one and tag QuakerOatsph on IG and you'll get the chance to win prizes from Quaker Oats Philippines too!

Isn't it a good day to have breakfast? :)

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