Your Next Wedding, Debut and Events Destination: Eugenio Lopez Center in Antipolo

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

We journeyed to the East of Metro Manila today and got ourselves immersed in a great sprawling property managed by First Philippine Realty Corporation. The Eugenio Lopez Center was initially an unfinished retirement home of Don Eugenio Lopez built way back in the 60's but was stopped during the Martial Law years when Eugenio Jr. (Geny) got imprisoned and they had to fled to the US to avoid persecution. 

This place has a lot of history and there were talks on what to actually do with it when they came back in 1986. The ELC was finished after a couple of years after and has hosted tons of events of corporations under the Lopez Group of Companies. Since then, they held several trainings, weddings, banquets and has been managed and operated by 10-50 people, depending on the requirements of staff. Today, they seem to be opening up their doors for more functions even if they don't belong to affiliated corporations, a thing that I find would be good because this property definitely needs to be seen by the public. 

This is the Eugenio Lopez Center Building, situated at the top of a hill, this two floor events center can host a party for around 200-250 people. They can accomodate catering services from outside and can recommend ones that already know the property.

It's got a 180 degree view overlooking Makati, BGC, Ortigas and Quezon City which you'll absolutely love.

They have theee levels and it houses about 38 rooms where guests can stay overnight. This Executive Room costs Php 5,500 per night and you can add more per person if you are expecting more people to be with you during your trip.

The De Luxe room can fit 2 people, and costs Php 4,400. It's got a veranda where you can also have that same view of the city. They are fully booked most of the time so make sure you call ahead if you need to stay. 

This is only one room and can entertain people with their own receiving area which opens up to a veranda too. This is called the Premier Suite and costs Php 8,500. They can have this fit 5 people if necessary, just let them know beforehand. There is also a door connecting to another De Luxe Room which you can book separately if you are too clingy.

They have 3 lecture rooms available which can accomodate 50 people each, you can also have this combined for a total of 150.

They also have a mini theater which can seat around 60-70 people, which is perfect for small screenings or symposiums.

If you wanna have it more private, they have 4 separate Meeting Rooms to do your business in, well not that kond of business. This costs Php 7,500 which can fit about 10-20 people.

I don't even have to tell you how majestic this is. Just beyond those trees is the same view of Ortigas, Makati and BGC so you're pretty much going to see that while you're swimming. This is a perfect way to relax from the busy city. It's free for guests and your lovely kids. Shall we take a dip?

They also have a Gym and Activity area, a working spa, Massage Room, Sauna and Steam Room. If you would like to get wed here, just bring your own priest and let him officiate the wedding right here while looking at the spectacular view of the city. You can park your helicopter at the helipad if you're that rich too.

Now I know Antipolo must have been not in your go to places if you want a short vacation, but think about the possibilities and things you can do while in this place. They've almost got everything in this 10 hectare property and by the looks of it, it holds a LOT of promise. Where else can you see Batangas and Pampanga on a clear day? So if you're planning for debuts, weddings, your next corporate activity, just go give them a call because it's thay easy. For corporate arrangements, please call 6360581 or 4100951 to 53 local 130. If you want to reserve a room, call 6362886 and they can get you connected right away. Oh and if it's that crazy in Edsa, a chopper would do from the airport, for a fee of course.

You may visit their website at and follow their Facebook page at and their IG account 

As for me, I'm so ready for Antipolo!

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