Zero Halliburton Opens First Store in the Philippines

Monday, May 01, 2017

We want to have something timeless, something that have been used in the moon? With the latest technology and really good design, popular premium brand Zero Halliburton has opened up shop at S Maison in Pasay City. It has been added to a multitude of designer and premium shops that the mall has been carrying and it has arrived at a most opportune time. You see, there's been a boom of Filipino travelers that want really good bags, suitcases and travel essentials and Zero Halliburton has essentially served countless people around the world on the account of durability, and style.

They also had us watch the reveal in a grand way complete with the hosting prowess of Janeena Chan and these lovely ladies who did stunts with fabrics hanging them upside down. 

Zero Halliburton has got backpacks, fine handbags, aluminum polycarbonate suitcases and travel bags made and conceptualized with space age technology and even got one they dubbed light as air as if there's nothing else as light as this! The pilot cases and duffel bags were amazing!

If you're looking for carry-on luggage, attache cases, brief cases, classic aluminum travel bags, Zero Air II bags and premium backpacks, Zero Haliburton has them all in one place so make sure you visit them today at the S Maison mall which is the same place as Conrad Hotel is located. There's also a gold attache case signed by a really famous football player inside the store so if you wanna find out who, just visit them at the bay area.

It has been made since 1938 and was taken to the moon and back if that counts. You won't find the others claiming it that way eh? So check out if you wanna know more about their latest collection and why people dub this better as your other premium travel bags. Albeit pricey, they've made sure the craftmanship alone would make you feel it's worth every cent.

Here's a virtual tour on video, enjoy!

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