Fun Time and Gifts at Tickles SM North EDSA

Sunday, April 30, 2017

I think I haven't been to TICKLES for ages, so when the opportunity to visit one a few days ago arrived, I grabbed it like there was no tomorrow. I think it stemmed from me not going there because I hoard things and I was cutting down on stuff trying to be minimal-istic but really, the things here are so cute you won't be doing that once you step into the ring. TICKLES is circus themed, and this branch is but a welcome addition to the busy SM North EDSA's Ground Floor because it's a little too formal there with the clothes shops, restaurants and even jewelry stores. This would be the perfect place to find lovely gifts for all ages.The price ain't that bad at all too.

The lovely key chains didn't escape my eyes, I wanted the cute plush ones for my own bags LOL

Utility cans, sports themed picture frames, clocks, nautical wall decos, owl and rubber ducky.
I bought about 3 of these pens, you can manually use it to fan yourself if it's too hot outside, which is like everyday in Manila.

Sticky notes that look like hamburger buns, white rye bread and several pens looked so good I could eat it!

They also have several phone and tablet holders that can be flexed and fit any size of phone.

If you're planning to have a pageant at home or out in your schools or offices, you need not make one because they've got it all ready made.

Kids would surely have fun with these pencils that''s got their own individual erasers. You can buy one and give away for schools eh?

They also have candies, which looked funny as they're in capsules.

Sleepy head? Keep it fashionable with these funny eye shades if you're going to sleep.

Hungry? Well there's really funny statement pillows you can buy that look like your favorite snacks.

No Girlfriend or Boyfriend? Don't worry, they've got these pillows you can hug 24/7 if you're sad being single.

Pillows like pills, hotdogs, Yakult Bottle, Tabasco, or lifesavers are all here.

If you want to prank people, they've got retractable knives, broken phone glasses, trick lunch bags all for sale.

If you want to perform in front of the crowd with your own favorite magic trick, they've got several kits to jumpstart your career. You can be the next David Copperfield!

If you can't stay away from your cute puppies, take these pillows to sleep because you'll love these PUGtato chips!

I think these were coin banks too, but of course you can carry them around like a key chain.

If you're fond of going out to music festivals or night parties, these glow sticks would be fun. It's going to make your party more festive!

Coin purse? They've got it in different colors. Really cheap too!

Tons of plushies again, clown fish, dragons, oh they've got it!

Pet mugs? Tons of dog breeds immortalized on ceramic mugs looked really cute! I guess they won't run out of it!

If you're fond of that scene in the Korean Drama shown on iFlix, well they've got the octopus plushie too!

If you always feel like some friend or family has put something on your head, take it literally with these cute poo head gear which I wore inside the store. Nothing more strange than that!

My favorite find in TICKLES are these COW Plushies, they're hypoallergenic and available in different sizes. I couldn't decide what to get so I got them both! OH SO CUTE!
Here's a video of our short visit! It was awesome!

If you want to check out TICKLES at SM North EDSA, just visit the main mall's Ground Floor and it's just right in front of Jollibee, you can't miss it!

I'll be back there very soon as I've got tons of people to give gifts to!


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