Gabbi Garcia Does Pantene Asian Campaign And This Months Preview Cover

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

In a short luncheon today, we had the opportunity to talk to Gabbi Garcia; GMA's new premier leading lady who just graced the newest PANTENE commercial and this months cover for PREVIEW Magazine. These two big projects came at an opportune time when she's already doing the huge show Encantadia as the franchise's Alena. 

Gabbi says "It was so awesome to see everyone flew in for me, all the best people in the industry who did Pantene's commercial with Selena Gomez and Ellie Goulding, in an isolated place and I was lucky to be there. There were all cottages, I went in an RV, there were a lot of firsts and it felt so real that I was able to experience that. We did rehearsals and I was able to drive the mustang. The place was so big and had salt that glisten when the sun hits it. My stylist was also from Hollywood and getting to hear their stories gave me goosebumps that I was working with them. It was a very fun experience, once in a lifetime and I had no idea if it would turn out well. It felt like wow, and it will be shown in Asia and Australia. It's a different feeling and it's good that Ruru and I got to do things individually. I'm not closing my doors for anything, I would like to accept all the projects and see what's going to happen. There are opportunities individually but we're still together and when we entered Encantadia we got to work with people. Ara is a great girl and Ruru is happy for me, those news about separation made me laugh because we always see each other. There's no issue between us, we're just artists who also grow. I also feel it's not the right time to join Binibini. Maybe they saw something in me, I wasn't playing roles, I told them my story and it's inspiring to know people believe in me so much. I think I was just being Gabby, and I feel blessed and I'm proud of what is happening. I think the magazine cover is about switching from teeny bopper roles to more mature ones. The shoot was high fashion and I think I'm growing as a person. It's something like a step closer detaching from that stage. Ruru was happy for me, he said it's happening and he was happy for me. We do not pull each other down and he supports me in everything I do. It wasn't planned to have my cover for this month, Pantene just came in on the magazine when they heard about it and it was a great opportunity, it was just the perfect timing. I've been dreaming to really get there, and with Artist Center's help I realy hope it does. I feel so good, that the network and Artist Center understand me very well. I'm very sure this is a give and take relationship, when they give me a project I'll make sure I would do good and I always want to give it all back."

"My mom and dad were all so happy, I got rejected 50 times and I only book 3, seeing them be happy for me was priceless. They have supported me eversince, without them I would be lost. They always tell me what I need to do, to walk the path. It feels so empowering to be called a fashion icon and if I do it right, to inspire teens, people my age. I do go with trends but I prefer classic pieces, less is more and I'm very minimalist. I look up to my Mom and I admire her the most. I could say that she's someone I would like to be when I grew up. Australia was fun, I also got to Bondi Beach and it was a surfing place with lots of sharks so I only took a lot of selfies."

Gabbi will still be doing a lot of shows with GMA and if the opportunity arises of working abroad because of the exposure she'll get from this commercial since this will be seen in different countries across the Asia Pacific, perhaps other parts of the world.

Congratulations Gabbi! I'm sure this won't be the end of it because you are still young, and gots lots of time to achieve your dreams!

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