Putting Up My HANNS 5 Tier Storage Racks

Monday, April 24, 2017

The long weekend got me to start some homework because I do lack storage at home. My pantry is so full I just leave most of my groceries in boxes because it wouldn't fit in the shelves. It gets that way every time because I do groceries on a monthly basis. I just got a HANNS 5 Tier Storage Rack and tried to put one up at home. It's tall, which was one of the things I looked for a rack plus it's shelves and posts are made of steel so I opened the box and started building.

It's got instructions but I figured it would rarely be easy to put up. I can do this, I said that quite a few times and end up still reading the manual. Don't put this up without reading it because it'll give you pointers. I started peeling off ALL of the plastic covers around the posts. You need to have them separated and know what goes in the bottom, the middle and the top. The one you should look for are the ends, it's quite easy actually. But for the ladies, please ask a man to do this for you as the parts are quite heavy. You can control what height you would want to put this in but I suggest you evenly distribute it sans weight.

Now make sure the parts fit especially the ones 4 edges because that's the one that will make this sturdy. I got it to stand around 30 minutes, make sure you have ample amount of fans because it's so hot in the Philippines you'll be sweating before you know it. Before you do this, make sure all the parts are there including the number of plastic pegs, rings, as that's needed to make sure it's sturdy. The manual has the correct number of parts so please refer to that then count it. Mine was sturdy as soon as the second level was there because I've got it all complete!

Now I've got something to put all my groceries in including the eggs, canned goods, and several food products that won't fit in my pantry. It's also nicely colored, in Mahogany Brown which I think won't peel and have rust for a few years... that's going to make it worth every penny. If you want to order the rack, just head on to https://www.facebook.com/hannsph as they've got a lot of things there for practical use. It's not just the racks, but this rocks!

Now I've got lots of storage, time to fill them up!


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