RAPOO x VPRO Asks Why So Serious?

Monday, April 03, 2017

I admit, I still am a little boring. Do you have gaming rigs at home? What does your keyboard look like? How about your mouse? What does your headphone look like? I'm asking because mine is all white and apparently, this event I'm in right now solidified my "boring" theory LOL.

Popular brand RAPOO and VPRO knows there are still boring people like me so they've done industrial art and technology on these computer peripherals and take imagination to reality. They make really good gaming keyboards, and they're definitely not boring.

They've got wired and wireless keyboards that's designed well, breaking normal styled ones and crafted with the desire to create a revolution. I love the V500L the most because just look at the colors! It's also so comfortable for hours of gameplay. I also like how the keyboards are lit so you can still see even in the dark. The responsiveness and sensitivity is also unquestionable, I could really win games and type blog entries normally with these kind of keyboard. I'm drooling with envy as they have all of these on display. I want one! :) 

The VPRO headsets were really impressive too. Deep bass with clear and sharp sound, how can you not love something like this? 

The headphones also are quite comfortable. Soft and not too hot on the ears, which is probably done so you can wear it for hours and hear the enemies close in on you if the radars don't work. The thing also changes colors which looked so fancy I'd mistake it for professional DJ equipment. It would work with games and music I'm sure.

The mouse you're seeing right now is also my favorite. This is the V26. It's a wired Gaming Mouse with 3000 DPI, 5 Buttons and multi colored LED, it was actually changing colors as I took this photo. It costs 30 US dollars on international stores and I bet it'll be around that price range in pesos. They actually have more on their line and if you want to experience it, buy it off online stores and computer accessory stores nationwide. Just look for the RAPOO and VPRO brand. They've just started with the gaming peripherals and you'll see how it will change your gaming and computing experience very soon!

Why so serious? When you can PLAY!

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