The Best Samsung S8/S8+ Plans From Smart

Monday, April 24, 2017

I just received a text from Smart this morning and it informed me that I can avail of a new postpaid plan for just Php 399 that includes 3GB of data, Unli texts to all networks  20 Minutes of All Net Calls and Free Chat Apps! But I wanted a new phone with it and I'm trying to find the perfect one to go with that plan, but the latest one seems to be the Samsung S8 and the Samsung S8+ that just went available for pre-order last April 17. Now you know what that means right? It's the best deal that I can combine for that Postpaid Plan 399.

So what this basically means is, you can add Php 1,500 on top of that Postpaid Plan 399 so you can get the 5.8-inch Samsung Galaxy S8 for as low as Php 1,899 per month. You will be locked on a 24 month period but only will shell out Php 5,000, isn't that amazing?

Or if you want the 6.2-inch Samsung Galaxy S8+, you can get the same Plan 399 and add Php 1,500 every month. Paying only as low as Php 1,899 per month with one time cash out of Php 8,000, totally worth every penny. If you prefer other plans, it'll be better because you can customize it with other Smart Postpaid base plans if you want to get higher GB allowance and the usual text-call-data plans that's available in Smart's Postpaid Plan offers. It also comes with FREE FB Messenger access, Viber and Whatsapp every month. Or if you prefer, there's also FREE access to your app of choice, you just tell them what you need in the Smart centers nationwide!

Aside from the looks of this new phone, it's also got a 12MP Dual Pixel camera using F1.7 aperture so you can get the most vivid photos, videos and tons of new features that has been developed on Samsung phones. Plus, it's available in 3 different colors that could match your personality. I'm an apple user but if it's going to be this affordable, I would love to have this too. But for Android users, you know how good this is right? Right.

It's the best phone for binge watching too as iFlix has got my favorite show The Magicians Season 2 on it. I'm repeating all of the episodes today!

Go visit the Samsung S8 and Samsung S8+ here for more details.


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