Magical Smurf Village in Every McDonalds Happy Meal

Thursday, April 06, 2017

I was surprised to see this on my doorstep a few days ago because it wasn't just one Smurf, but it was a WHOLE TOWN of Smurfs that came mt way. This is part of the new #McDoSmurfsHappyMeal which you can buy now at McDonalds branches nationwide.

They are very detailed too because each of these 8 colorful houses have artwork printouts inside them which have really bright and lovely roofs, a little window where you can peek inside if you have one of the 16 unique and adorable Smurfs. They are super duper cute!

If you wanna know more about the latest happy meal toys go to or @mcdo_ph on Twitter and IG. It's going to be a very magical month if you get them all in every McDonalds Happy Meal!

I'm still playing with it right now and plan to have the town be part of my Christmas layout! :) 


For more information about their artists:
Official GMA Artist Center
Official GMA Artist Center
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