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Saturday, April 08, 2017

We're in Madrid Fusion Manila today for another round of Taste Setters, SYSU International's Series of Workshops this time discussing about Olive Oil Trends. Trends? I don't know about that but isn't Olive Oil just supposed to be the regular one and the EVOO? Well I was wrong. La Española has been doing this since 1840, and aside from the classics, there are a lot of other varieties apparently. Chef Xavier Btesh told us "People think Olive Oil is fancy, but it's really not hard to cook with it. You can even use it for your skin, and find it all around the mediterranean sea. We lost a lot of trees in the past but only Olive trees went back to life. It's forever going to be there and in fact, we've got a healthy sald we'll prepare with Extra Virgin Olive Oil". He then proceeds chopping the ingredients, mixed it and voila!

Tabouleh has couscous, tomatoes, raisins, mint and parsley. It was really good. Olive oil should at least have a little bitter but have a peppery note.

He also taught us how to make our own Mayo with Dijon Mustard, Red Wine Vinegar, egg yolks, salt and pepper. Of course you have to  He also introduced to us QUORN which is a meat free option, a mycoprotein. It's best for those who want a healthier meal and is available in leading supermarkets in the Philippines. You can keep it until the day after though (the mayo). It's so different from the one you buy in jars, and it was pretty good, the Quorn tastes like a chicken nugget! They also used the Extra Virgin Olive Oil on Vanilla Ice Cream then sprinkled with tomato, parsley and basil. You just have to melt the ice cream a little before you combine it with the olive oil and the more you use it, the more bitter the note will be. It's been a new thing in Europe, crazy, but crazy good.

Chef Xavier Btesh will also be launching his first this May in National Bookstore and leading bookstores nationwide. 

Ms. Marjorie Cleofas also adds "Apart from the world's first olive oil from spain, we have flavored olive oils in Basil, Garlic and Lemon. It's available in all leading supermarkets and online at"

Madrid Fusion Manila was just super fun! I'll feature one of the vendors next!

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