How to Take Perfect Summer Selfies with VIVO V5 Plus

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

This is an article I'm writing not with severe authority but merely tips that I've gathered over the years for one activity that Filipinos love so dearly, that's taking selfies! Oh no, don't tell me you haven't taken one a few days ago, because you've been doing it secretly I know (even if no one is looking!). So I'm gonna give you a few pointers on how to do it this summer! 

Take Photos with Enough Lighting

Take those shadows, those super dark places out of the equation. It makes your images dark (obviously) and your shots noisy, that's why you see those grainy stuff on it when you see the output. Your phone's ISO is powerful on the Vivo V5 Plus but normal digital phones can only do so much so make sure you compensate your shots with external light sources or make sure it's powerful enough to handle it. The product is YOU after all and you can't show people a half baked shot. There are cases already that can even do that now so invest if you have to, if the flash is not enough because it'll be worth it. The 20 Megapixels and dual camera also helps!

Stay Colorful!

There are times when cold and dark works but man, it's already summer. Take advantage of the season when it's legal to dress up colorful. Make those OOTD's pop like you mean it and if it's a selfie, take it up a notch and make it equally lovely. Do the same with make up, or smoothen it out, or make your shots a little saturated than usual because it's supposed to be fun, don't shortchange yourself with that.

Bring it to the Beach

If it's a sem break, or you're in transition to another school year, take the opportunity to feel the sand in your feet and the salty wind in your hair. Make sure you wear sunblock and lots of strides in the shore. Wear your summer outfits because those bikinis will surely get the guys drooling (only if you're a lady! Lol). Make them work for what you've spent all those hours in the gym and flaunt it on every selfie. Those abs might prove a better alternative to a great beach scene too. You're worth it!

Have Fun!

Take your selfie experience up a notch by always having fun taking photos. If possible, take WEfies with friends because you can. It's more fun with a group, it's better to keep those memories and immortalize them later on in Facebook or just about any social media channel you're in to. As long as it's taken with a Vivo V5 Plus, you're good to go! 

Take my selfie tips with a grain of salt and be spontaneous! It's absolutely free to go anywhere, take that shot as long as you're not in danger (yes there have been cases lol). Though be sure you've got the perfect hardware to do it and not some other half hearted phone in the market, because you can take perfect selfies with Vivo V5 Plus. Buy it in leading phone shops and malls nationwide!

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