Taste Setters: SYSU International's Food and Beverage Workshop

Saturday, April 15, 2017

We are at the Taste Setters: Creativity That Shapes Food and Beverage Trends workshop sponsored by SYSU International in cooperation with their partners Lee Kum Kee, Clara Ole, Tabasco, Tulip, Treetop and Smuckers here at CCA Makati. It's a series of workshops that the company and the brands are sponsoring with their partner and non partner restaurants, caterers and establishments to hone their skills using the very best products in the market. The morning sessions had them start with food trends and how Filipino restaurants and casual dining places have improved over the years, to learn how they would be successful.

Chef Louise Mabulo, a finalist in Junior Masterchef also paid a visit. Her credentials would gladly beat any seasoned Chef as she also has international ones at a very young age. She's very eloquent and has been doing workshops and seminars in the past. During the session, she shared her views on our affinity to food. She mentions it stemmed from doing feasts, and our fiesta spirit and the happiness we get from it is immeasurable. I get that we do thank the saints and God in general with these celebrations, but what gets us together is the concept of family, community and love, that's a fact. She also shared how successful blogs and social media has been just by sharing genuine food recipes that remind them of home, the Philippines.

During the activity, we were also split into groups and I got together with some food researchers, specialists and chefs from Max's Restaurant, Goldilocks, Peri Peri Corporation and a lot more. We needed to conceptualize a stir fry dish that would be innovative using products from Sysu International's brands. In the end, they worked as a team and in this manner it's not much of the company they work for but the innovation we do with these recipes that could help the food industry grow, be practiced among Chefs, R&D people and restaurateurs who choose to not only make the best Filipino representation of food, but create new ones as the word "innovate" suggests. 

I can't wait to join them in more Taste Setters Workshops that they have in store this year. For those who want to join, make sure you follow the social media accounts of the brands they carry. That's Tabasco, Lee Kum Kee, Clara Ole, Tulip Chocolates, Treetop Juice and Smuckers or their website www.sysuinc.com.ph/.

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