AXE Dares You to #LiveYourStyle

Sunday, April 23, 2017

What's your style?

Have you always asked yourself that question? It's kinda intimidating. I've tried to ask that question myself. For me, it's just being easy. I don't quite go overboard, do dress up if it's needed but if it doesn't feel like I have to, I won't. I guess it comes with the territory, I mean most QC people would do the same. If you're about to go to far places, might as well make it comfortable. If you're in the mood to fun and sexy, expensive looking and extravagant, or just simple and chic, men can definitely do that.

You can do with accessories, watches, bracelets, socks, simplicity, quality and rocking smart. Use classy watches when it's in the evening, something sporty in the afternoon, or perhaps use clunky ones because BIG watches are okay. You can also use bracelets. I have nautical ones, some made with paracords, even silvers if I feel like it. You can also do earrings, studs or loops, it doesn't matter as long as you're confident with it.

If you want to be remembered, that's simple. Get a fragrance that could get women crazy for you. The sweet and sexy AXE Chocolate, the classy and extravagant AXE Gold, and the manly AXE Black. I adore the last one the best because it's the one that fits me well. I can use the body spray all day and feel confident, not worrying that I'll be smelling funny after a few hours. You know it does wonders!

So now I ask, how do you #LiveYourStyle?


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