The New EON E-Money App

Friday, April 07, 2017

It looks like Unionbank's EON card is changing shape, taking the challenge of the ever changing nature of internet banking and wanting to answer the needs of their clientele. 

"Unionbank is challenging the status quo, we listen and we will do EON banking differently. It's a selfie bank, you can now bank for your self, with yourself, reinvent it and cocreate with us your bank and your future. You are part of this." - Dr. Justo Ortiz

"In 1999 people were starting to buy online, to pay stocks, and people were not using credit cards because of the fear and introduced EON Cyber Accounts. It was used for online transactions, used for EBAY, and word of mouth used and endorsing our product without us knowing who they are. There were early adapters and EON was their preferred product. People were finding use for it, it was taking a life of it's own. That's when we realize the spirit of Co-creation. They made use of EON more than what we intended, and that's why we brought in technology so they can be involved. We made sure they have the hands on experience and tell us what they need."

"We found out that our users are using EON for a lot of other things that what we expect them to be. We tried to find out what they need and made the platform, passwords were then very troublesome to change and that's when we thought of Selfie Banking. We got the best in class technology and put it in an app. This is the same technology as with Homeland Security in the US. This the new EON E-Money Account. It's the first of it's kind that you can buy in a convenience store. Most of our users are also buy online locally, as shipping is also a problem, now we have MyShoppingBox through the EON E-Money account. They want to use and transfer money too, so we researched this and got people to a security standard that people would be comfortable to use it. So far we are enhancing that technology, to make it more reliable. At the core of it is the experience, we had to make sure our customer experience is attuned to that, in real time transactions. We are getting to see a digital bank, a digital experience that does everything real time 24/7. Analytics and geo location too. It's just gonna get better everyday." - Paolo Baltao EON's Head Advocate

You can now download the app on the Apple Store and and Google Play today! 

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