Spitting the Facts with Gigi's Custaroons

Sunday, April 23, 2017

I've been to Mega Fashion Hall a lot of times and have passed by this particular store that says Custaroonery on it. I never bothered to look or see what they sell because most of the time, I'm either in a hurry or just off to somewhere else in the mall. Apparently, I've been missing a lot because as soon as I got a present from a friend... I felt so sorry for myself that I didn't try this.

Custaroonery basically sells fusion Macaroons and Custards. One of the boxes I got contained truffle like balls that tasted like Chocolate and Macaroons combined. They up the ante with powdered cocoa so the look alone was Truffle-ish. When you bite into it, it's like intense chocolate and it sticks to your teeth, like it's so d@mn good you would be finishing the whole thing by yourself if you weren't on a diet.

The not so regular Custaroonery special was awesome. It's like a not too sweet (but just right) and I'm trying to stop myself by not popping this into my mouth a couple of times, and I failed because it was that good. It's like eating a richer, creamier version of a macaroon combined with creme brulee. I tried to save some for my friends and family, but as soon as I left the box on the table after lunch... it was gone... all gone. This comes in two sizes too, the other one could equal 4 of these sweet treats. Both so good!

You kinda feel they really spent time making this with passion. I love that part.

Not only that, see those two things on the end? That's either coffee or mocha if I'm not mistaken, and the other is Matcha. I actually like the deep roasted coffee flavor even more. So you see, they've got variety aside from those good custaroons.

So if you're planning an afternoon tea party, or just so tired to fix desserts during lunch or dinner, make sure you drop by Gigi's Custaroonery. Visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/custaroons/ if you want to know more about their products, or better yet visit their branches in your favorite malls because they often give out samples so you could taste it before you buy it. 

Now I'm not going to to just pass by next time, this would be good gifts to friends and family when I go out of town. I want to get some just for to experience the tempting, indulgent custaroons... or the heck of it!


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