Auto-Gard Waterless Car Wash

Monday, April 17, 2017

Isn't the weather crazy? I mean one minute it's cool and windy, the next day it's super hot and you're all sweaty and then the next day you're dripping wet because of monsoon rain and it happens when you're just about to go out with friends and family. You may struggled all morning to clean your car with soap and water only to find out that your precious shiny vehicle would look like a wet rag because the rain always find its way to ruin your plans as mother nature intended it to be. Well don't take that pail and shampoo out yet because we might have a better solution to your car wash problems. This one however comes in a bottle.

By using this with the Auto Gard Microfiber cloth, a simple task of cleaning your car would save you about 20-100 liters of water for each bottle. This is designed however for light dirt and grime and not when you're doing 4x4 or off road driving (no it's not the answer to your heavily soiled car). It provides like an extra layer of protection on your car's surface so it won't be that dirty the next time you plan to do another car wash. For porous or non porous places like your windows, glass, wheels, headlights. this thing will make your car clean even without the use of water. You just simply spray it on and wipe it off. Auto Gard Waterless Carwash also gives your smooth plastics and chrome the shine it deserves so you won't look bad when other people are inside your vehicle. Like shiny new.

The High Performance Microfiber cloth also makes sure you won't be wiping it on and off your car like a wet rag because the darn thing sucks up water like it's thirsty, like a man who just got out of the Sahara desert and can be squeezed out as if it's almost dry. You ca use it over and over again and can last you a couple uses so you don't have to worry you're not keeping a dirty rag in your garage all the time. 

It's easy to apply, and only costs less than a few hundred pesos (Php 199 SRP). You also save on water, on effort and protects your car from the harmful elements of everyday driving. It's not going to stick to your car's surface that much and may well serve you with less effort in cleaning that car on an everyday basis. Getting a car wash these days are so expensive so saving a few bucks by doing it yourself will definitely be the better alternative. You'll have more time to prepare to go to work rather than slaving away with soap and water all the time. Isn't that a good thing?

I know, I'm using it right now for our family's huge van and I think it'll save is a lot of time, and money too.

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