The Greatest Love Ends in 3 Weeks

Sunday, April 02, 2017

We're at The Greatest Love finale presscon today. And it looks like they're ending the show in 3 weeks. Sad news indeed!

Joshua Garcia says "I am really thankful to be part of the show. It has brought upon attention to a degenerative disease that doesn't choose age, brain activity, as this still has no cure. I will miss everyone, the management, staff and stars. I wish I could still get to work with them after the show. I have two Moms, like Ms. Dimples and Ms. Sylvia, and I want that to remain."

Aaron Villaflor added "I don't even say I love you to my Mom and Dad before this show and it has changed me, in a way that I do always say I love you to them now in a regular basis. I was sad to see it'll only be 3 weeks before our story ends. We're happy that our shots work, even the revisions of the writers. We know how hard it was for them to work at this. We knew what we were getting ourselves into even before the show so in some way, the HATE was kinda expected. They have to know though that we are actors. I will miss the off cam moments, all the live instagram updates we do while on set, these people are my greatest love and I hope they connect with Paeng and feel sorry if they also are in the same situation. From black, he went to gray and now white Allegre and I'm thankful and blessed because Paeng had a really interesting journey."

Andi Eigenmann says "My Mom said I changed a lot because I don't even say po or opo in texts, and I do now. She's also a fan of the show so it was just lovely to see people's reaction while the show was going on. Everybody who's in TGL is happy because we finally have something that works on Philippine TV. I now see what my priorities are, it's family. Everything happens for a reason, even our partners and children would visit us and have fun the set, it helped built my relationship with my child and boyfriend. It helped me see things clearly."

Dimples Romana says "This show affected me so much that it changed my relationship with my Mom. I say I LOVE YOU more to her now that she thinks I'm too clingy, and at first she even thought it wasn't me. I had to hate myself while doing Amanda and I had to push myself to be as real as possible. I asked myself a lot of times but it happens and I had to do it. The whole point of the show is teach and touch people. We bully each other a lot if we can't say the lines, that's how supportive they are haha. Thank you for this role that has been given to me. Before a scene, they revise things a lot of times and we had to make sure it touches a lot of people, and we play with that. We don't want to bear the weight so much, we're tired after a scene but we keep the set happy because we need to do that. We read all the feedback, I even get threats (her kids included too) but the writers have redeemed the character and they made sure they fix that. This is real because someone guilty of it tweeted me last night and admitted she's an Amanda no matter how evil she is."

The show's star Ms. Sylvia Sanchez says "Thank you for letting me be recognized. All the awards and accolades I got would not be impossible without you all! I don't think a mother's love would be gone, but there are times people should do tough love. It'll make them look at people with respect. I want to make sure my kods are safe, they're okay and just have good health, happiness, and a great life. This is our passion and we learn a lot in the show, but we stand to tell the story of the Allegre family. Everyday that I portray Gloria I sometimes have to erase her because I carry the character even when I'm already home. I just stand there and look dazed, and we need to snap out of it. I remember my scene with Z, I cried but I didn't have to because I was showing symptoms. We have more of that, you have to be ready."

The Greatest Love is shown in the afternoon primetime block of ABSCBN right after The Better Half and you'll have to see them in their last 3 weeks. You'll discover this is more entertainment, this is real emotions, real love for parents, siblings and put yourself in these situations as they do happen in real life.

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