Experience SMART #LikeNeverBefore

Sunday, April 16, 2017

I've experienced a connected Rizal a couple of weeks ago, and I felt and seen the remarkable work that Smart has done to improve coverage and internet data speeds. It's just one of the few things they've done to make it the most reliable one in the country. What would this mean to you?

This would make you feel how it is to "Be there like never before". It's how you can now share the most intimate moments. It's the time you can experience life with your loved ones even when you can’t be physically present (OFW's or just working in far flung places) Smart can still get you connected.

These days, it's super easy to know you're there. Get on Facebook so you could like, comment or heart their latest photos. If you can't be physically there, try the video call on Facebook messenger so you can still talk, see each other and let the most important people in your life feel that you’re always there for them. You can't say distance or situations can break you apart, because in some way shape or form, Smart can definitely bring you there.

Smart has already rolled out tons of network modernization programs in different parts of the country. You can now start seeing the improvements, like faster connections, the wider coverage, I even have signal now inside my home in Metro Manila.They also did network improvements in Queen City of the South Cebu, our President's home city Davao, the adventurous CDO and a whole lot more! Now that Smart has a better than ever network, you can now start enjoying that connection with other subscribers and feel how superior it is over other networks. You can start by watching the video HERE first.

If you want to know more about this experience today, check the information across all of Smart’s social media channels (around lunch time) and on their website smart.com.ph/likeneverbefore to see how YOU could have something #LikeNeverBefore.


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