The "Pusong Ligaw" Media Launch

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

It looks like ABSCBN is bringing a new set of people in the afternoon prime slot of Pusong Ligaw (Lost Heart) which stars Beauty Gonzales, Diego Loyzaga, Enzo Pineda, Sofia Andres, Joem Bascon, Raymond Bagatsing and a lot more. 

Beauty says "I'm excited and I hope you see that I can do drama. I did good because I've been taught a lot by our directors and even if it's been a while I hope it would come out nicely on screen because we worked hard these past few months. I always cry watching the previous show on the same slot but I believe in what we're doing, I hope we get accepted by the public. We love our job and hope that interprets well on the series. I turn into a beast when I see my supposed one true love, so you better watch out for that!"

Diego Loyzaga says he waited for this and says "It's our first time to be a lead in a telenovela but we did our all in this project. This is us and I think I can speak for all of us that this a good program, this was in our prayers. I am now happy where I am and all those personal things stayed in the past."

Sofia Andres adds "We have been waiting for this for two years and we honestly thought this wasn't going to happen. But now I've seen the characters, the people behind the camera and now the trailer, you saw how great that looks like. Our status? It's an understanding, and we're happy to be always there for each other. We don't have labels."

Bianca King says "I was terrified to step into ABSCBN's grounds but I felt like a long lost family and friend when I got the email to get the role. I think it's the right time, and I'm glad I'm here I'm a character actress and I want to do a lot of other roles. It's a blessing to do something that I haven't done before. I give the best on the set and I ask them, Sofia is just like my baby in real life."

Enzo Pineda adds "I am so thankful to star creatives for giving me a break, I auditioned for this role and I'm also quite new so I'm taking a gamble transferring to ABSCBN. There is pressure to do good and I hope it would come out well. I've had fears and it actually a good thing and we have worked with our craft, we are thankful and happy." 

Pusong Ligaw will start next week as it will be on the same slot of The Greatest Love as it is on it's final week. It was a successful show and from the looks of it, they've got a very promising show.

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