Experiencing The World at Sofitel Manila

Monday, April 17, 2017

Sofitel has always taken the norm of fine dining into new heights every time. Case in point is the last time I was there for Flavors of the World: Wonderful Indonesia. This is a series of specials that they are doing in a span of a few months featuring dishes from different countries around the world every month. And if you say authentic, they get the Ambassador of Indonesia to actually grace the occassion. They even had a lady from the tourism board to perform for us that afternoon some really special Indonesian cultural dance.

Part of the things they served that afternoon were Gado Gado, an extravagant salad with raw vegetables and crunchy krupuk (like our local Kropek) on top.

They also had us try Cendol which is the Indonesian traditional dessert which can be also likened to our Halo Halo except that they mostly use a seaweed or rice based jelly with Pandan flavor and coconut milk.

Sofitel will be dedicating a portion of their ateliers every month to a specific country so they could showcase the dishes and make you want to travel around the world without leaving SPIRAL, Sofitel Manila's premier buffet restaurant. 

This coming month, they will be featuring Amazing Thailand and will do the same for the dining ateliers. Mind you they have 21 in the property so if you are looking for something else, Spiral is the best place to start because it's the best there is in the Philippines. You can quote me on that. Visit http://sofitelmanila.com/ if you want to know more about Flavors of the World and reserve for you and your friends a seat at Spiral today!


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