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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

It looks like my favorite sports outlet in the Philippines is getting serious about getting Filipinos equipped and ready for a healthy lifestyle as Toby's Sports launches their nationwide campaign called "WE GOT THIS" to promote success in whatever sport or fitness activity you plan to take. They know it's a difficult path, a pretty hard journey to get to your goals and this campaign basically wants to keep you inspired to keep going. The last thing you would ever want to happen is quit, and no matter how hard that goal may be, you would need to continue because we got this

To communicate it even better, they just released a video about it which would let you know how you should keep up with you own health and fitness goals. Check this out!

Toby Claudio the President of Quorum International Inc. says "We all go through a lot of things, hardships, trials, problems, but we are here to see them all succeed. We don't just provide the right gear, but also the support they need to attain that goal."

Toby's Sports is about to celebrate their 40th year in the business and now it's more than just a store, but an ally in sports and fitness with the widest range of equipment, footwear and apparel. They also have partnered with different organizations (I'm sure you've been in more fun runs right?) and not only that, they continue to be one so they could improve lives at their capacity. They are also going to make it easier for people to shop at their store. 

They have just recently launched where they can accomodate your needs 24/7 right at the comforts of your home. They are also giving away free WE GOT THIS shirts for the first 100 customers who would buy from their store. Now go right to their website and check out different brands, equipment, shoes and apparel. If you need to return it, there are tons of LBC stores you can go to drop off stuff, which means no hassle at all. This ease in e-commerce is a welcome addition to the services that Toby's has been providing us all throughout these years.

We got this right?

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