A Good Day and Greenwich Lasagna Supreme

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

So, how did your day go?

Me? It's been a long day. Tiring but very fruitful one as i had the chance to see two pairs of teen superstars plus a few more surprises from  brand that I'm working with this afternoon. I would have to make you guys wait for that as it's highly confidential and we're going to have that released around late May so it coincides with the release of the collection, stay tuned for that!

The trip there was a little bumpy but I didn't mind as I was with my friends and I felt the need to go out with my barkada at the outskirts of Manila. Even if it was just in San Pedro, it was all I needed to de-saturate from busy Manila. I got what I want and when we went home, we all got stuck at C5 for two long hours because apparently there were cops chasing drug addicts in C5 and the shooting incident meant one lane of the road had to be closed, we had to wait more til it was safe to pass.

After all that pseudo stressful adventure down south I thought the day wouldn't be better. Imagine my surprise when I arrived at home and GREENWICH surprised me with these travel essentials. Aren't they sweet?

It's a Green Backpack, a rough and tough Water Bottle, a map of future destinations and my favorite Greenwich Lasagna Supreme. Aghhh... I was drooling the moment I laid my eyes on it. Imagine the layers of pasta sheets, the beefy meat, the fruity-tangy tomato sauce and tons of cheese in one hot dish. Mmmm...

Now I'm good, I'm super excited to write about it (and I did hehe) plus I got to enjoy my #EpicLasagnaSupreme at the comforts of my own home. I also saw I wasn't the only one enjoying this because look at mermaid Yassi Pressman, King of PPOP Dance Julian Trono (Hi Julian!) and the country's premier dance professionals G-FORCE on the Greenwwich Facebook Page on how to spend their summer the best way this 2017!

Now it's you turn to #GWithTheBarkada and make your own epic adventures this summer by visiting your nearest Greenwich pizzeria or call Greenwich Delivery via 5-55-55 to have this delivered to your homes before you embark to that great barkada journey! I know I'm happy, you should too so get that #EpicLasagnaSupreme now!

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